3 signs of a good father-daughter relationship for matching energy in relationships

they are smiling for matching energy in relationships

Does the father have a very important influence on the
daughter’s intimate relationship (including partner choice) after adulthood for matching
energy in relationships?

First of all, some psychological studies in recent years
have given a definite answer to the subject’s question: the relationship
between women and their fathers, whether it is a good, bad or non-existent
relationship, will establish a relationship between them and men as adults for
matching energy in relationships.
Contact has an impact. Moreover, the
influence of fathers on the close relationship of heterosexual daughters is
more profound than that of mothers. So, what should a benign father-daughter
relationship look like? There are 3 signs of a good father-daughter relationship for matching
energy in relationships.

It can be said that a father who can teach his daughter
the following will have a healthy foundation for the relationship with his
daughter (Nielson, 2014) for matching energy in relationships.

1. “Father respects me”. The relationship
between a woman and her father is usually the first heterosexual relationship
in her life. From her father, the little girl gets her first feedback as a
woman. They will feel that they are accepted or unacceptable; they will
feel that they are valuable
or unimportant for matching
energy in relationships.

Human self-respect is initially based on the respect of
others for oneself. For women, their self-concept as a “female
gender” is, to a large extent, shaped in the father-daughter relationship.
Therefore, in the father-daughter relationship, the daughter needs the father
to respect her value as a woman for matching energy in relationships.

2. “It is safe to maintain an intimate relationship
with your father.” Daughters need to be able to relax in front of some
men, be able to get close to him, and know that they are safe even then. They
need to be
treated as “people”, not as sex tools.

When little girls develop sexual awareness, begin to pay
attention to their behavior and dress, and learn that they have the right to
protect their privacy, they can develop a healthy sense of boundaries. They can
learn how to say “no”, and this will be a basic interpersonal skill
in their future social interactions for matching energy in relationships.

Fathers can pay attention to their physical contact with
their daughters, for example, use “shoulder hugs” to show respect for
the boundaries of their daughters, and do not evaluate
their daughters’ physical characteristics.

3. “Men and women can negotiate fairly.” The
father-daughter relationship is an important opportunity for daughters to learn
how to deal fairly and involve appropriate compromises. When the father has
absolute authority in the relationship and sets rigid rules, the daughter will soon
learn to resist for matching energy in relationships. If the father is
overly critical and has the supreme power in the father-daughter relationship,
for the daughter, the man will become the enemy. If the father is fair and will
listen to her daughter’s ideas, she will gain self-confidence and be proud of
her own opinions.

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