3 influences from father on matching energy in relationships

they are playing water for matching energy in relationships

 Does the father have a very important influence on the daughter’s
intimate relationship (including partner choice) after adulthood
for matching
energy in relationships?

First of all, some psychological
studies in recent years have given a definite answer to the subject’s question:
the relationship between women and their fathers, whether it is a good, bad or
non-existent relationship, will establish a relationship between them and men
as adults. Contact has an impact. Moreover, 3 influences from father on matching
energy in relationships a
re more profound than that of mothers.

The main reasons are as follows
(Carter, 1988; Nielson, 2014):

1. The father-daughter relationship for matching
energy in relationships is the first part of
a daughter’s life with a man. As she grows up, she will gradually become
familiar with the relationship model established with men and bring the
relationship model into her future relationships with other men. Little girls
will observe the way their parents interact with themselves and the way their
parents interact. These will become the basis for her to look at intimacy in
the future.

2. A father is the first male figure
for matching energy in relationships in a daughter’s life. So, consciously or unconsciously, she may
choose a future partne
r based on the characteristics of her father. The
traits we are talking about here may be in terms of appearance, but more in
terms of how to get along. She may desire to have a man who has reproduced many
characteristics of her father as a partner, or she may choose a man who is the
opposite of her father. But in the above two cases, her male vision is based on
her father.

3. The father can be the leader of
the daughter for matching energy in relationships in the intimate relationship. Especially in a benign father-daughter
relationship, the father can provide his daughter with advice from a male
perspective and lead her and her partner through some
milestones in the relationship.
Studies have shown that women who have a
good relationship with their fathers prefer their partners to be recognized by
their fathers.

Some related studies have also found
that women who have a good relationship with their fathers are more likely to
seek emotional comfort and support from their boyfriends for matching
energy in relationships. Moreover, compared
with women who lack the role of their father or have a poor relationship with
their father, they are less likely to have high-risk sexual behaviors, are less
likely to become pregnant during adolescence, and are more sexually aware, for
example, can better distinguish And refuse unwanted sexual relations.

Secondly, the subject also mentioned
in the problem description for matching energy in relationships, does the father’s conversation, taste, filial piety, love, etc. directly
affect the daughter’s mate selection criteria? As mentioned in the previous
article, the relationship between father and daughter will have more influence
on the intimate relationship of the daughter after adulthood than the
appearance of the father.

It is not so much that a father who
acts as a perfect couple’s “template” will have a positive impact on
the intimacy of his daughter, as it is that a good father-daughter relationship
will have a healthy and profound impact on the intimacy of his daughter after
adulthood for matching energy in relationships.

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