24 rules of matching energy in relationships

they have matching energy in relationships

The beginning of every
relationship should be a deliberate new beginning. Sex is only one part, and
there are many other important things to pay attention to, from love to family
relationships. So, before putting all your dating effort into a relationship,
here are
rules of matching energy in relationships
you need to know in

1. Although online dating is accurate, in
terms of probability, this is actually the fastest way to get out for
matching energy in relationships.
2. Fooling and chasing are not the same. When
you plan to chase a girl,
your chance of failure increases by at least 50%.
3. Although girls will tell a lot of their
own criteria for choosing a spouse, in the end, when they look for a man, they
all rely on their feelings for
matching energy in relationships.
4. When you consider a girl as everything to
yourself, then you are most likely to lose everything. Your enthusiasm is very
likely, and the other party is very arrogant and disapproving. So if you want
to make yourself worthy of being loved, then please learn to love yourself
5. Chasing girls should use their own flash
points to attract her, but being an intimate dog licking is really not a flash
point for
energy in relationships
6. When chasing a girl, the first impression
is as important as your connotation.
7. The girl who has been chasing you for a long
time, has not promised to be with you, and has not sent you
a good person card.
It is basically certain that you have become a fish in
her pond for
energy in relationships
8. The main reasons why you often fail to
chase girls: 3 points out of being unable to speak, 7 points out of being too
ugly, and 90 points out of having no money.
9. When a girl who is ambiguous with you
allows you to make intimate contact, then boldly kiss it for
matching energy in relationships!
10. Those girls who always want to test you,
but have not established a relationship with you, basically just want to play
with you.
11. Be sure to keep exercising. If you don’t
have the support of the eight-pack abs, how can you hold your 180-jin rich
woman and daughter for matching
energy in relationships
12. If a girl really likes you, then she will
never have the heart to spend your money, even if it does, she will make up for
it from other places.
13. The best way to chase a girl is to get
the friends around her first.
14. Don’t think that playing routines in love
means not loving her for
matching energy in relationships.
15. It is really important that the three
views are unanimous. It basically determines whether you will sleep for one
night or for a lifetime.
16. Don’t believe in love for a long time, no
matter what you do, as long as you don’t pick out the relationship, it
will never give birth to love.
17. If you can’t get a warm response, then
learn how to stop. After all, if you keep knocking on the door, it would be
rude to knock again for
matching energy in relationships.
18. If you are not in true love, then please
do not have a long-distance relationship. This is good for both parties.
19. Don’t
treat the girl you
chased as a goddess. The more you think so, the less you
will be able to chase her, because it is impossible for a god to fall in love
with a mortal for
matching energy in relationships.
20. It is best to choose those girls who have
the same number of relationships or are slightly lower than you.
21. When the girl is willing to be alone with
you for the first time, it just means that she is not disgusted with you. Only
from the second time when the girl is willing to be alone with you can you
formally pursue her for
matching energy in relationships.
22. Don’t be hungry. When you meet a poor girl who just broke up, you want to take care of her and save her.
If she agrees to you, it’s just that she
needs a person’s company, it happens to be you, not necessarily you. In the
same way, when you just broke up, I came to you to seek comfort. It’s best to
treat her as an ordinary friend for
matching energy in relationships. After all, if she really likes you, why didn’t she choose you in the
first place? This is not to blame that girl, but that human nature is like
this, like: People usually wait for their tires to burst before remembering
that they have a spare tire.
23. Compared with wealth and beauty,
gentleness and kindness are not worth mentioning.
Invest more in yourself, buy a car if you can
buy a car, and take more girls to see if you can buy a house. This is more
attractive than buying breakfast every day in twenty hours for matching energy
in relationships
24. If you send a message to the other party
but always fail to get a timely reply, it is not because the other party has
not seen it, but because there are too many people who have sent the message,
and you have to wait a while before you can get your turn for
matching energy in relationships.

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