Does my husband miss me during separation?

he is touching her face by thinking does my husband miss me during separation

my husband miss me during separation?
The society has progressed, and many new types of
jobs have emerged, but they are not available everywhere, and not everyone can
do that kind of work. When you have a child, the family must be stable, and you
can’t run around with the child every day. Women are still the core of the
family and the main person taking care of the children, while
men are on the job
. Although the transportation is developed, and even an
hour-long economic circle is established to satisfy people’s travel, the cost
is not low.
my husband miss me during separation?
In this case, in order to save more money, they
often choose to go home regularly with their wives and children. Most wives
will default or be forced to accept this kind of work status, and the
separation of the two places will naturally take shape. So the question is, do
men want their wives if they live apart for a long time?

my husband miss me
during separation?
Four years
ago, my wife and I were introduced to each other. Since we are both older, our
family members are also pressing hard. After getting to know each other, there
was nothing to dislike, and I got married almost a month later.

my husband miss me during separation?
I am doing interior design and rendering. My wife takes the children in
my hometown and has parents’ help at home, so
she will relax.
And I have a lot of overtime hours at work. Many times I go
out in the morning and leave work at ten in the evening.

my husband miss me during separation?
So I didn’t take care of my wife and children at all. Fortunately, the boss treated me
well, and the income was good. I can buy a house this year. According to the
deposit, I still have some money to buy a cheaper car with the down payment. At
that time, there is no need to separate the two places for a long time. I hope
my life will be better and better.

my husband miss me during separation?

my husband miss me during separation?
My wife and I have been together for more than ten
years, and the separation has only occurred in the past two years. We have
always been together. In order to break through the career bottleneck period, I
work in other places. When I first arrived in the field, I was not used to it.
I really wanted to see a brand new environment. I also wanted to take my wife to see it. My wife chooses to be with me because I used to
take her to travel and take her to various places. Even on foot, she is
willing. This showed me her true heart, she just wanted to be with me purely.
Now I am separated from my wife, and my wife is not used to it. I often call
and say miss me, and I will also say miss her. But sometimes when she was
talking, she became angry, saying that I had no conscience, only knew that the
outside world was fun, and left her at home.

my husband miss me during separation?
It is really a torment to separate the two places for a long time. If two
people cannot trust each other and trust each other, it is likely that they
will not be able to resist the temptation, especially when other women take the
initiative, it is very likely that the man will fall. But things that destroy
the relationship between
husband and wife
are things that affect the happiness of the family, and it
is not worth the gain. Therefore, the most important thing between husband and
wife is to give each other safety, so you must strictly control your desires.

1.     Mr. Zhou: I don’t want to. There is no
emotional foundation at all, and there was a big conflict before the

It’s not good or
bad, just live a peaceful life. My wife was hardworking and my parents liked
her very much. Later we had a son. I thought I would live like this forever.

However, when
someone tells me that she has an ex-boyfriend, she often finds her after
marriage, let me be careful. “Betrayal?” I had a big head, and I
asked my wife. She said she didn’t do anything to sorry me, but I don’t think

The contradictions
have accumulated bit by bit. Besides, she has no shortcomings to fault, but I
was so stubborn about it and my heart was very unbalanced. I chose to “run
away from home”. I will send money back, but I just don’t want to see her,
but she is
very kind to
my family, and I can’t bear it. My heart is very
contradictory. Although I have separated, I still feel bad.

2. Mr. Liu: I didn’t even pay attention to whether I wanted my wife
or not, I was too busy at work

I fell asleep
within a minute on the bus after get off work, and sometimes I woke up after
the bus had returned for some distance. Sometimes the overtime work is all
night, but in the morning I go back to wash up and continue to work. I feel a
little empty and want to sleep. For example, once my boss was telling me about
the design plan, I actually fell asleep. When I woke up, the boss was still
talking about it. I didn’t know how long I slept.

3.     Mr. Zhang:
Sometimes I think, sometimes I don’t,
depending on the
state of his wife

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