Does my husband miss me during separation? 4 stages

she takes an umbrella for testing Does my husband miss me during separation

We all know that
men and women have very different thinking patterns in love, so whether it is
the beginning of love, the midway experience, or the final end, the feelings
and states of men and women will be very different. Girls will experience
sadness and pain after breaking up, and finally walk out of it slowly and start
a new life. Even so, they will occasionally recall their ex. So girls also have
doubts in their hearts. After the breakup, will boys think of their ex? Will they feel resentful?
Will it feel sad? Does my husband miss me during separation? 4 stages

my husband miss me during separation? As long as you really love and live apart
for a long time, a man will miss his wife. At the same time, boys will
definitely think of their predecessors after breaking up, and it is during this
period of time that they have not found the next one. The longer they break up,
the more they will miss them. From a psychological point of view, after a boy
breaks up, there will be four stages of psychological changes:

1. Desire for

my husband miss me during separation? When a boy breaks up a relationship, it is
generally very serious. Faced with such a phenomenon, even if girls are
reluctant to give up, even if they show humbleness, and beg the other person
not to leave themselves, boys will not let go. After
a successful breakup,
boys will feel that they have regained their freedom.
Usually they will call friends and brothers to drink and play games, and enjoy
the uninhibited, happy single life.

my husband miss me during separation? And girls will fall into great sadness
just after breaking up, recalling the goodness of the two people every day, sad
to lose these goodness, and even some girls will spare no effort to ask the boy
to return to their side. But in the eyes of boys, not only will they be
unhappy, but they will also be disgusted, and they will be farther and farther
away from girls.

2. Find another
new love

my husband miss me during separation? After the boys break up, there will be a
short free time. After a break, they will start
looking for a new love partne
r. However, it is difficult for boys who start
looking for a new love quickly to find the next one, because in their hearts,
they think that they will meet a better girl than their predecessor after
breaking up. In fact, they find an interest, habits, and soul that fit in all
aspects. It’s not that easy to be a better girl than an ex-girlfriend. And the
girls at this time have slowly come out of their sadness. They no longer
remember the past, they will find something that can divert their attention and
forget the sadness, such as traveling or studying.

3. Fall into

my husband miss me during separation? After a boy breaks up, if he finds a new
love in the last stage, but because the intervening time is too short,
the relationship between the two people
will not be very stable; more
often, they have not found a new love, and have a more intuitive view of their
charm value. Acquaintance, and therefore began to recall the good of the
predecessor. Because there is no one to accompany, because the loss of a person
who once loved each other will make boys feel empty and lonely and fall into a
lonely mood. On the other hand, looking at the girl, her sadness has been
hidden to the bottom of her heart, and she has started her normal life,
participated in some interesting social activities, made new friends, and
slowly became happy and at ease.

4. Infinite miss

my husband miss me during separation? After the boy broke up, if we find the
other half, we won’t say anything. Maybe we will miss it but only occasionally.
Those boys who have gone through the 2nd and 3rd stages and are still in the
emotional window period will
miss their ex infinitely at this stage
. Because he really recognizes
himself and the good of his ex, and after experiencing the emptiness and
loneliness, the ex will be more beautiful in his heart, the longer he misses,
the deeper he will even see if his ex is single and want to pursue it again.
Back. At this time, the girls have been able to live as before the breakup, and
more girls will make themselves better because of the breakup. Here is also to
tell you girls, if you still want to save your ex after the breakup, don’t
worry, wait until he has gone through the first three stages and you show up
again, maybe it will be easier to get back together.

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