What are advices for girls after narcissist break up games?

she is in narcissist break up games

are advices for girls after narcissist break
up games?
True love only begins after the freshness has
passed. And most love ends after the freshness ends. If you find that you don’t
have that much attraction to each other, immediately spend more time on
yourself and improve yourself. Most girls are depressed after breaking up, so
what are the suggestions for girls?

1. Don’t lose yourself, don’t lose
yourself, don’t lose yourself. People who lose themselves will not love you.

2. Don’t stick to men every day, live your own life well, and the only way to make yourself happy is to be good. Only when you become
excellent can you have the confidence to pick up and put down.

3. Men’s rebellious psychology is
really heavy!

4. Cherish what he has done to you
and give appropriate rewards. Everything is mutual to last.

5. Never hold him in this life. This
kind of thinking will make you lose your principles in many situations. You
have to believe that when this person is really not suitable for you, letting
go is the first step for you to meet true love.

6. Falling in love is not to get
married, but to evaluate whether this person is suitable for marriage, so it is
normal to separate inappropriately. Don’t
think too extreme

7. The most taboo topic among
couples is “negative energy, complaints, paternalistic education,

8. Lower expectations, otherwise the
greater the disappointment. Don’t always grasp the details that he doesn’t love
you, look at the details that prove that he loves you. He is just an ordinary
person, don’t put too much pressure on him by those standards.

9. Don’t think that sticking to him
every day will make him cherish you. It may be better to do your own thing and
hang on to him.

10. You can’t stop getting thin and beautiful.

11. Don’t always hold the idea that
doing something is for him. Everything you do in love is actually a process of
finding yourself, knowing yourself, and accepting yourself. In our life,
getting along with anyone is just knowing ourselves again and again. With the
idea of “I am all for him”, you will impose a lot of expectations
and pressure on him. Once he does not appreciate him, you will be disappointed
and he will be tired. Specifically: “Learning to cook is for one more
skill, but he just took a bite by the way.” “Become more
understanding, more well-behaved and sensible, but to make himself more

12. Derailment, domestic violence,
cannot be forgiven! ! !

13. Don’t take the last step when
you don’t want to. A person who loves you will never care if you don’t give it
to her, and a person who
doesn’t love you
will not fall in love with you because of your body.

14. It really becomes easy to pay
more attention to yourself. Putting a magnifying glass on him every day will
make you very tired.

15. How do you treat him, and be
prepared for him to treat you this way.

16. Don’t abandon your family,
friends, and work for a man. These are the people who will be by your side when
you have nothing, and men are not necessarily. Marry away from the gambling
lose too much.

17. Love your parents, cherish the
time around them, and cherish your life. It’s not worth it to know a man who
hasn’t loved you for a long time.

18. Always remember that you are
beautiful, great, and outstanding. Sister, you are the most beautiful in the
world. Be confident! ! ! !

19. Stop the damage in time.
Long-term pain is worse than short-term pain. Someday you will thank you for
the decision to let go.

20. Loving yourself is the beginning
of a lifetime romance.

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