Part II How do girls feel after narcissist break up games?

she lied on the ground for how do girls feel after narcissist break up games

are girls feeling after narcissist break up games?
Regardless of
whether it is for boys or girls, breaking up is always painful. For boys, the
pain may be shorter, and for girls, the pain may be longer. Compared with boys,
girls are more sentimental and vulnerable. The general experience of girls
after breaking up is:

1. The 9th month after narcissist break up games

Girls are in a passive position most
of the time in their relationships
. Being pursued by boys before falling in
love, and waiting for each other to reconcile after breaking up. But the other
party didn’t come back to find himself again, and he gradually got used to
living alone. Friends start to introduce good boys to you. You will quietly
compare with your predecessors in your heart, but the freshness always makes
you a little dizzy. Soothing a broken relationship is either time or new love,
and people who appear at this point in time occupy two points. The focus of
life is no longer the past, but the current romance. Once you accompany him to
drink early morning wine, now he cooks early morning porridge for you. After
9 months of breaking up
, you may have a new relationship, and you will find
that there are still people who treat you better than yourself.

2. The first year after narcissist break up games

After breaking up for a whole year, when I mentioned the
previous feelings, I was able to pass lightly. I heard that the other party
also talked about a new girlfriend, but I even wanted to bless me. I thought I
couldn’t accept the news, but now I don’t feel anxious at all. Both
have a new beginning.
The past feelings are sealed into memories. They will
not be slandered and denied. Those who have loved are worth remembering. In
fact, the end of a relationship, whether it is your own proposal or the other’s
wishes, shows that you are not the best partner. If you fail to be together,
you should accept it calmly. No one can cross, the road is still so long, I
don’t know who else to meet.

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