most 5 satisfactory foreplay sex position women love

she knows most 5 satisfactory foreplay sex position women love

In sex life, generally speaking, it is not easy for a
woman to obtain satisfaction. On the one hand, it lies in the special
physiological structure of women, on the other hand, it is also related to
men’s ignorance of women’s needs.
Why doesn t he love me? Let’s take you to
understand what is the most satisfactory
5 satisfactory foreplay sex position women love? How to maintain the honeymoon

most satisfying sex foreplay
How to maintain the honeymoon period?

Stroking the hair in foreplay
sex position
: Insert your
fingers into the hair, gently stroke and massage the head, and add gravity at
the right time, but do not make the other person feel pain; you can also touch
and kiss the hair, or even bury your head in a deep breath of her charm

Biting her ears in foreplay
sex position
: first caress her
ears, and then use her tongue to stimulate her ears, such as blowing air, then
kissing, sucking the whole ear, and even in the pierced ears that can be teased
with the tongue, it will definitely cause
women to hit t
he bottom of their hearts. The shares trembled.

Kissing lips in foreplay sex position: In addition to
kissing, gently touching with fingertips or stimulating her mouth with fingers
will also have a good effect.

Rubbing the neck in foreplay
sex position
: Women’s
erogenous zone
around the back of the neck is particularly sensitive. You
can kiss, rub with your nose, or bite her shoulder slightly.

Touching the
nipples in
foreplay sex position: Female breasts are
actually not that sensitive. The point of teasing is the most sexy and
representative passion of “Nipple T”. You can stimulate it with the
tip of your thumb and index finger; or use a single finger. Caress it with your
fingertips; or use your fingers or palms to lightly press to draw a circle; of
course, stimulation with the mouth is the strongest, but all movements must be
guided by “gentleness”.

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