How should men solve the problem of short sex?

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The degree of harmony in short sex is a very
important thing, it is related to the feelings of the husband and wife, but
also related to physical health. Men and women have different time of
satisfaction in their short sex because of
their different physiological structures. If men end prematurely and women are
not satisfied
sex jokes short, they are prone to contradictions, even if they do not
reach the level of contradiction. It will also affect the relationship between
two people
body shorts sex.

How should men
solve the problem of
short sex?

1. Face yourself for
short sex

There is no clear standard for how long men should
persist in their sex
. As long as they do not meet the standard for
premature ejaculation, it is normal. Every man must pay attention to this
matter. You should not feel that you have premature ejaculation if you cannot
satisfy your partner. Blind treatment is not advisable.

2. Go to the
hospital for an examination for improving
short sex

Men feel inadequate during sex, which may be caused by
physical diseases, so go to the hospital for related examinations. If it is
caused by this reason, and the disease cannot be cured, it will always perform
poorly during sex.

3. Moderate
exercise for improving
short sex

Regular exercise is a good habit that many men should
develop, because regular exercise will make men stronger and stronger, and will
not perform poorly in sex due to poor physical strength. In addition to doing
aerobic exercises,
men should also do strength training appropriately.
Strength training can allow men to secrete more male hormones, improve male
sexual performance, and improve the problem of short sex.

Harmony in sex depends on two people working together for improving short sex. When problems arise, they must
understand each other, tolerate each other, and solve problems together. There
is no clear rule for the length of time that a man persists in sex. In this
matter, he can continue to exercise and adjust slowly, but he cannot lose
confidence because of this.

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