Part II secrets of vagina parts

she knows secrets of vagina parts

As a woman, how much do you know about your most “private” part?
“She” is always a woman’s little secret, and sometimes I just feel
embarrassed to say it. In fact, in order to better health and wellness, we need
to pay more attention to the health of the private parts of the body.
Part II secrets of vagina parts.

8: Be busy and healthier with vagina

Regular sex not only makes women younger, but also makes the vagina
healthier. Because sex will exercise the vaginal muscles to maintain their
firmness. In addition, the more mucus secreted
by excitement before sex
, the less likely it is to cause vaginal damage
during sex.

9: Wrinkles in the vagina

The appearance of a womans private parts changes with age. The lowered estrogen level makes the
labia less plump, the fat pad is atrophy, and the loss of collagen will cause
the labia to droop and grow wrinkles. These are normal physiological changes and
will not significantly affect sexual feelings.

10: During orgasm, the vagina will also ejaculate

“This is a skill that needs to be learned. When women understand the
mechanism of the body, vaginal ejaculation during orgasm is very common. There are many glands next to the urethra,
especially when the front wall of the vagina is stimulated, they will secrete
fluid. “Professor Beverly Whipple of the Department of Sexual Health
Research at the School of Nursing at Rutt University said that this area
composed of glands, blood vessels, nerves and sponge tissue can be described as
“a woman’s prostate.”

Not all
vaginitis have hymen

Some people did not fall into the red on the wedding night, but were
found to have sex, which brought a shadow to their married life. In fact, some
people are born without hymen. But there are also people whose hymen is so
thick that they
need to be
removed by surgery.

In addition, the hymen is usually attached to the opening of the vagina
and is easily damaged. For example, doing exercises and placing tampons may
cause damage to it.

12: Having a baby
will make “
vagina ” 5 times bigger

Normally, the diameter of the vagina is no more than one inch. But before
the baby is born, the vagina will expand to 4 to 5 inches wide
to ensure that
the baby’s head can pass through. But about six weeks after
giving birth, the vagina will (or almost will) return to the size of the
previous non-pregnancy.

13: Vaginal cyst swelling during

Affected by the estrogen and progesterone secreted by the placenta during
pregnancy, the vaginal mucosa has hyperemia and edema. At this time, the
permeability of the vaginal mucosa is increased, and the exudate is
significantly increased compared with non-pregnancy. At the same time, the
glandular secretion of the cervical canal is increased. Therefore, the vaginal
secretion during pregnancy is significantly increased compared with the
non-pregnancy period. It is often white paste and no smell. A
series of physiological changes
during pregnancy make it easy to develop
fungal vaginitis at this time, and the infection rate is 9.4%-18.5%.

14: After childbirth, there is no
change in the

After childbirth, the changes in the appearance and organization of the
vagina are actually far less obvious than women understand. From the outside,
unless there is a tear during childbirth, few people can tell from the
appearance whether a woman has given birth. There are also some
women who feel that
their vaginas fall and become noticeably loose after
giving birth. Lisa Lan suggested that such women can contract more pelvic floor
muscles for a few seconds each time and repeat more than 10 times.

15: “ vagina” makes a sound when making love

The vagina also makes a sound during sex, which is mainly caused by the
way the partner enters. If he pumps thoroughly every time, air will inevitably
leak in between the pumping gaps, and when the air is squeezed out from a
relatively closed environment, it will naturally make a sound.

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