5 foreplay sex position for men and women

they know 5 foreplay sex position for men and women

Sex is not simply a thrusting exercise, it also requires
some physical communication. This requires the couple to do some warm-up
exercises before sex, so that two people can better integrate into the
sex in relationships. Some people will
use it. Small things around you to flirt, such as Ruo Jie, ties, ice cubes,
etc., these can often ignite new “sparks” in flirting
sex on third date. Let’s learn some
wonderful sex foreplay.

5 foreplay sex position for men and women

1. Don’t get tired
of kissing her a thousand times

Kissing is often part of foreplay. In addition to the
well-known sensitive areas such as lips, earlobes, neck, back, nipples, etc.,
men can not ignore the fingers and toes, armpits, inner thighs, elbows and
sex in relationships. Try imaginative techniques such as licking,
sucking, and biting on the soft areas inside the joints to arouse different
sex on third date.

2. The gentleman
uses his mouth and his hands

At this intimate moment, don’t idle your hands. Finger
pads are too light to touch, fingertips to circle, finger presses, digging,
digging, in and out and other fingering techniques can be used in all
imaginable and yet to be developed. On the sensitive belt. At the same time,
the close embrace, gentle embrace, body rubbing, etc. often make women’s hairs
stand up, panting and trembling slightly
sex in relationships.

3. Enjoy your
sexual fantasies

Women can explore their sensitive zones through
masturbation. For example, a solo instrument is the best way to improvise.
Anyway, it is your own personality. Why not ask Ricky Martin, Takeshi
Kaneshiro, and Takara Kashiwahara as the virtual actor? This also proves that
the brain is a very important sexual organ, and the sensitive zone is not only
derived from physiological reactions, but also from psychological sensations
sex on third date. However, the
virtual male protagonist is best to be a person who is out
of reach sex in relationships
. If it is a good friend of a boyfriend, it
can be a mental cheating!

4. Simulate the
tongue, go deep into the “flower heart”

The softer-feeling simulation tongue can vibrate on its
own after being energized, or it can penetrate into the female’s “flower
heart”. This is the beauty of the electric simulation tongue, it is
perfect to stimulate the sensitive points
sex on third date. And the
artificial tongue is also covered with floating points, and the pleasure is
more intense when it comes in contact with
the skin sex in relationships

5. Lollipop mini
fan, rotating massager

The following sex toy is a bit different, even a bit
“perverted”, but the effect is very impressive. First, find a
lollipop, and then keep wrapping the sugar ball with plastic wrap to make it
bigger and bigger; according to the size of ordinary lollipops, it can be
doubled, and it doesn’t matter if it is smaller
sex on third date. Secondly,
everyone will not be unfamiliar with the mini fan, it is a summer baby
sex in relationships! Take it out,
remove the fan head, and tie the lollipop to the small motor. The method is
more arbitrary, as long as it can be fixed and can be turned after it is
started. When it’s done, you’re done, and the homemade rotating massager is OK!

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