Is my wife serious about divorce? 4 Reasons for man

he is thinkking that is my wife serious about divorce?

You have asked many times why he wanted a divorce and why
he treated you coldly and violently. But the answer to you was either he
couldn’t live on, he didn’t love him, or he never responded,
man going through divorce pulling away. Is
my wife serious about divorce?
You are confused, you don’t know why you want to break your head! Didn’t
he see at all for so many years of work? Why is he so selfish?

In fact, I have to say that many men have a virtuous wife
behind their divorce,
man going through divorce pulling away, so why is this still happening?
1. Ignore guidance,
just vent

My wife left me but doesn t want a divorce. Have you noticed that you used to say everything, but now
it is difficult to communicate?
Is my wife serious about
You always feel that you are making your own
decisions and taking on all things now, so you feel very tired and complain
about him more and more. For example, if you let him do one thing, he didn’t do
it well. You can’t control your emotions immediately, and you start to accuse
him of not doing anything right, thinking that he can’t do anything well, and
constantly “labeling” him! But he didn’t calmly tell him what to do.

2. After the
conflict, the problem that should be solved is ignored

My wife left me but doesn t want a divorce. No matter how perfect the marriage is, no matter
how loving couples are
, quarrels cannot be avoided, but reconciliation
after the quarrel is very important. Why do many men prefer to tell their
friends, even those of the opposite sex in a better relationship, than their
Is my wife serious about divorce? On the one hand, he felt that his wife didn’t understand
him, and every time there was a problem, he apologized and bowed his head; on
the other hand, he knew what his wife would think stubbornly and didn’t want to
make conflicts, so he didn’t say anything! But if after each quarrel, the woman
will take the initiative to talk to the man about her thoughts and quarrel, so
as to solve the problem.

3. She never shows
mercy to men in front of others

My wife left me but doesn t want a divorce. One of the taboos when couples get along is to bring the
problem to friends and relatives, and you think you are right. So you start to
stand on the moral high ground and talk about men as useless in front of
Is my wife serious about divorce? You think everyone will understand you, and you will
unite the accusations against men, but you ignore the inner activities of men. He
will definitely feel ashamed
and ashamed! On the surface, although he will
listen to you and follow your state, in fact, when a man’s self-esteem is
traumatized for the first time, he is already at odds with you.

4. When conflict
breaks out, she doesn’t care about men’s feelings

My wife left me but doesn t want a divorce. Women’s emotions are externalized, and they will speak
out if they have emotions and problems; however, men are not. Their emotions
are internalized and they are unwilling to express, even if they have problems,
they will not speak.
Is my wife serious about divorce? This is not because men are unwilling to
communicate with you, but by their mindset. Therefore, men have emotions and
problems, and women need to use the correct methods to guide them.

A happy marriage has the same reasons for happiness. Unhappy
marriages have different reasons for misfortune in
sex relationships. To have a high-quality and long-term
marriage, both husband and wife need to work together and manage. In any case,
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