6 questions on female organs

she is exploring 6 questions on female organs

But in fact, 90%
of women do not know the secrets of this part. So, what amazing secrets are
hidden in
female body? There are 6 questions on female organs and female reproductive system.

1. How deep is a female organs?

A female organs is normally
9-10cm, but there is no specific length during intercourse. Because the muscle
tissue of the vagina has the function of stretching and contraction in
female body, it will be
adjusted according to the length of the penis during intercourse, so the
phenomenon of “bottoming” will not occur when the male penis enters
the vagina in
reproductive system
. A female organs will stretch after giving birth, usually
2-3 cm. And every time you give birth, the vagina will gradually grow.

2. What is the G point?

G-spot is the area
around the front wall of the female vagina in
female body. It is the erogenous zone of women. When stimulated, it can cause sexual
excitement and orgasm. Its specific location is 5 cm away from the vaginal
opening of
reproductive system

3. Will there be “wrinkles” in the vagina?

The skin of the female organs changes with age,
and so does the private parts. When a woman ages to a certain level, the level
of estrogen drops and the body’s collagen is lost, causing wrinkles in the
labia of

4. Does the female vagina smell?

Female organs secretes fluid
under stimulation, and usually secretes vaginal discharge, so it is totally
tasteless, that
is impossible.
The normal smell is light fishy, sweaty or tasteless. If
there is a fishy smell, a rancid smell or a special smell, there may be a
gynecological disease in
female body of female reproductive system.

5. Are women’s vaginas the same?

I believe many
women are curious about a question: Are
female organs all the same? In
fact, the female genitalia are the same in appearance, but there are still certain differences in the length of the
vagina and the size of the labia of
female body.

6. Women also have prostate?

In 1981, American
and Czechoslovak scientists published research results on the morphological and
functional parameters of the female prostate, this exquisite and mysterious
organ. They
believe that the
structure of
female organs is the same as that of the male prostate,
including glands, ducts, and smooth muscle of
female reproductive system. It’s just that
the female prostate has fewer glands and more ducts, and its volume is
significantly smaller than that of the male prostate of
female body. Moreover, the
female prostate is also a sensitive point of the vagina.

Female organs are a magical
place with a lot of secrets hidden. Knowing a little more usually will help to
some extent in private parts care.

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