an adult’s guide to social skills

they havean adult's guide to social skillsan adult's guide to social skills

The temperament of a woman is accumulated bit by bit. A
woman may not have a beautiful appearance, but not a meticulous heart, and
meticulousness is reflected in every detail of life below.
Why are social skills important? How to cultivate the elegant temperament of women? There
an adult’s guide to social

1. Don’t point your
finger at others

are social skills important
? It
is impolite to point at someone with any finger. If you must point it out, use
your palm instead of your finger in social skills programs.

2. Don’t pull seats
for others

In formal occasions, a man pulls a chair for a woman,
which is a gentleman’s performance, but this is not in line with the etiquette
rules and will make the other party (especially men) at a loss.

3. Don’t cross your

are social skills important
? In
social etiquette, crossing the two legs is a very vulgar performance. The
correct sitting posture is to put your legs together with your tibia
perpendicular to the ground or point sideways to the ground. If you must lift
your legs, your
legs must be
hung on the ground in
social skills programs.

4. When ordering,
choose the dishes that match the other

are social skills important
? In
formal occasions, in order to avoid the difference in the meal progress between
the two, it is best to order the dishes that match the other party’s order. For
example, if the other party orders dessert, it is best for the baby to order
one too, so as to avoid the embarrassment of watching the other eating without
doing anything in
social skills

5. Pay attention to
the placement of seats, food, and tableware

In Western food etiquette, generally the right hand holds
a knife or spoon, and the left hand holds a fork. It should be noted that you
cannot use a knife to eat fish, but a fork. When placing the tableware, the
blade must face yourself in
skills programs

6. Express
gratitude when leaving early

are social skills
? If
the meal or the conversation is not over, you have to leave early, find a more
euphemistic reason, and express gratitude to the other person, such as
“very happy to chat with you” “today’s meal is very
enjoyable” and so on.

7. Thank you for
expressing one-on-one

When we express our gratitude for the help of others, we
try our best to thank you one-on-one. The content of thanks should also be as
specific as possible, such as “Thank you for taking me an hour to take me
home” instead of “Thank you”. Expressing gratitude should also
be fresh, preferably within 24 hours.

8. Know how to
avoid when answering the phone

are social skills important
? In
almost all social situations, anyone in the room with you is
more important than the person
interacting with you on the phone.
Especially at the dining table or private occasions, just staring at your hands
makes you both eye-catching and annoying. Even if there is a call while
queuing, please remember to keep the volume of the conversation as low as

are social skills important
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