17 benefits of best female orgasm

she has experienced best female orgasm

How to make a girl orgasm? Orgasm is a manifestation of the ultimate in
the process of couple sex. It is pleasant to the body and mind.
Women cant orgasm during sex. Both men and women have orgasms, but
women’s orgasms are not as visible as men. What are the benefits of
best female orgasm?

1. Reduce or relieve pain

Sex has the same effect as aspirin, which sounds a bit
to make a girl orgasm?
However, feedback from a large number of medical
institutions confirmed that sex can stimulate the central nervous system of the
brain and secrete a chemical substance called amine polyphenol, which is quite
effective in reducing pain without
female orgasm
. Women cant orgasm during sex.  Don’t believe it, sex has an incredible
analgesic effect on the following pains (arthritis, stomach, back nerve pain,
headache or migraine, toothache).

2. Reduce the occurrence of skin diseases

Poor blood circulation in the skin can cause skin
diseases such as acne and dark spots.
cant orgasm during sex
. How to make a girl orgasm? And moderate sex will accelerate blood
circulation, balance metabolism, make skin smooth and tender, and play a role
in preventing and treating skin diseases with
best female orgasm.

3. Improve the immune system’s disease resistance

Modern civilized life has made people’s immune systems
more vulnerable than ever. Colds, high blood pressure, and various ulcers can
often be avoided.
How to make a girl orgasm? Women cant orgasm during sex. Sex can make the adrenaline secreted in a
balanced way, the muscles contract first, then relax, thus forming a virtuous
cycle, so that the immune system can be maintained in a better state with
best female orgasm.

4. Orgasm can relieve headaches and dysmenorrhea

cant orgasm during sex
. How to make a girl orgasm? Because orgasm can speed up blood
circulation and increase the level of indoxol (natural analgesic) in the blood.

5. Promote female reproductive health

Estrogen can enable women to maintain a good structure
and function of the blood circulatory system.
Women cant orgasm during sex. For
women with regular sex,
the level of estrogen is much higher than that of
occasional intercourse.
How to make a girl orgasm? Thereby, the physiological functions of the
ovaries are strengthened, menstruation is normal, and menopause can be
postponed, and every sexual love will increase genital secretions and prevent
vaginal mucosa from drying out.

6. Slow down aging

cant orgasm during sex
. Women start to lose their bones around the age of thirty-five. How
to make a girl orgasm?
can regulate cholesterol,
maintain bone density, and slow down osteoporosis
best female orgasm. It makes the whole person look light in
gait and strong in body flexibility.

7. Orgasm can improve cardiovascular health

cant orgasm during sex
. Because the orgasm makes your heartbeat reach the rate of heartbeat as
if you are sprinting at full speed.

8. Orgasm helps you breathe smoothly

cant orgasm during sex without best female orgasm
. Because of orgasm, your breathing accelerates and
deepens, expelling as much of the waste gas remaining in the lungs as possible.
How to make a girl orgasm? During orgasm, the body’s metabolic rate
greatly increases, which can consume a lot of calories. If this is one of the
weight loss plans, I believe everyone is willing to try.

9. If you have an orgasm, it will increase the
possibility of your next orgasm.
Women cant
orgasm during sex
. How
to make a girl orgasm?
Frequent orgasms can keep the nerve pathways in your sensitive parts

10. Orgasm can increase breast size

This is a side effect of “happiness”. Women cant orgasm during sex. Orgasm increases muscle tension and speeds
up blood circulation, thereby increasing the size of the breast, which can be
maintained for several hours with
female orgasm

11. Prevent urinary incontinence

cant orgasm during sex
. How to make a girl orgasm? During orgasm, all the muscles of the vagina
and pelvis will contract rhythmically to maintain tension, which can prevent
urinary incontinence with
female orgasm

12. Help eliminate insomnia

Everyone yearns for a deep, sweet sleep, but insomnia
caused by various reasons often troubles everyone.
Women cant orgasm during sex. Especially women are more prone to insomnia
best female orgasm. How to make a girl orgasm? After experiencing a harmonious sex, the
tense and excited body begins to relax, and the muscles are stretched in the fatigue
after satisfaction. Drowsiness comes naturally, which helps to eliminate
insomnia. And the better the sex, the easier it is to fall asleep afterwards.

13. Relieve pre-menstrual syndrome

In the 5-7 days before menstruation, the blood flowing
into the pelvis increases, which may cause swelling and cramps, leading to
abdominal distension or abdominal pain with
best female orgasm. Women cant orgasm during
. How
to make a girl orgasm?
contraction during sex c
an accelerate blood flow out of the pelvic area and
enter the general blood circulation, thereby reducing pelvic pressure and
reducing abdominal discomfort.

14. Semen helps to disinfect the female vagina

Experiments have shown that there is an antibacterial
substance in semen-semen cytoplasmin, which can kill staphylococcus,
streptococcus, pneumococcus and other pathogenic bacteria.
Women cant orgasm during sex. How to make a girl orgasm? Therefore, it can help the female genitalia
to avoid the invasion of microorganisms with
best female orgasm. Women who
have not had sex
for a long time are more likely to suffer from vaginitis,
endometritis, salpingitis and other diseases.

15. Helps protect young minds

According to Japanese medical research, the sexual
atrophy of “use advancement and abolition retreat” also applies to
people who lack sex.
Women cant orgasm
during sex
.  Proper sex life helps prevent brain aging and
promote metabolism, and memory is also strong with
best female orgasm. How to make a girl orgasm?

16. Effectively reduce the occurrence of heart disease
and myocardial infarction

How to make a girl orgasm? Sex can make the pelvis, limbs, joints,
muscles, and spine more active, promote blood circulation, and enhance heart
function and lung capacity.
Women cant
orgasm during sex
People who
have a harmonious sex
have a risk of heart disease at least 10% less than
those who have a disharmonious sex with
best female orgasm.

17. Orgasm makes you beautiful

cant orgasm during sex
. Orgasm can temporarily improve your dull complexion and remove small
wrinkles on your face. During orgasm, when blood flows into the capillaries, it
can tighten the surface of the skin and make your face pink with
best female orgasm.

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