11 sex ideas for long term relationships of women having sex

he is smoking for not knowing sex ideas for long term relationships of women having sex

In a relationship between the sexes,
making love is a very beautiful thing. But for boys, only by understanding the
state of girls during sex can they have a better sex experience. So, what is
the cold knowledge about
women having sex in long term relationships
? There are 11 sex ideas for long term relationships
of women having sex.

1. There are 8,000 nerve endings on the
clitoris. However, for the penis, this number is only 4,000. The clitoris is a
private and sensitive place for elderly women having
Both clitoris and penis are medically homologous. When the
clitoris is excited, it can “erection”, similar to the penis.

2. The average length of the vagina is
7.6-10cm, so don’t worry because the penis is too small; during intercourse,
the vagina can expand by 200%, so don’t worry because the penis is too large.

3. The longest life span of hair can
reach 7 years, however, pubic hair only has 3 weeks.

4. Only 30% of elderly women having sex can reach orgasm
in single
sex in long term relationships intercourse.
Therefore, foreplay, afterplay, and “various tricks” are not
medically lewd. On the contrary, well, this is very important.

5. Women also have a phenomenon similar
to men’s “ejaculation”, which is called “squirting” in the
folks. Most of them are a mixture of paraurethral glands and urine.
“Squirting” is just “squirting”, and it has little to do
with whether you are strong or reaching climax.

6. You asked me why my girlfriend’s legs
tremble when having sex in long
term relationships
I said that the specific analysis of the
specific problem may be a local manifestation of the female orgasm. At this
time, I sent a sentence, great; of course, it may also be a kind of I’m sick. I
have been in a posture for a long time and my legs are numb.

7. The word vagina (vagina) is derived
from Latin, meaning “sheath for a sword”. Seeing this initial
explanation do not know what you think?

8. Singer believes that there are three
kinds of orgasms in
women having sex
, clitoral orgasm, uterine orgasm and mixed orgasm. I would
like to say that based on current sex education, we need to first popularize
what the clitoris and uterus are. As for the orgasm, we still have to wait.

9. During sexual intercourse, the vagina
will sometimes “puss, puff, puff, puff, puff, puff, puff, puff, puff,
puff, puff, puff, puff.”

10. Regular
sex is good for
women having sex
physical and mental health. It can make women smarter and
reduce the risk of heart disease.

11. Why
do women groan during orgasm?

Reason 1: At the time of orgasm, women
are in a state of slight hypoxia, body cramps, breathing speeds up, and
naturally make a deep voice.

Reason 2: During orgasm, women may
experience short-term confusion and unconscious shouts due to excessive

Finally, I will tell you a great secret:
the more knowledge about
sex in long term relationships, the harder it is to fall in love. If you are experiencing
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