7 stages of a relationships in marriage

they are experiencing 7 stages of a relationships in marriage

Wenger Zhuli, a well-known expert on
marriage issues, wrote in the book “The Principles of Happy
Marriage”: “In the world, even the happiest marriage in this world
has 200 thoughts about divorce and 50 times of strangulation. The impulse of
the other party.” And marriage has
stages of a relationship.

In just a few words, all the hardships and
hardships of married life were exhausted. The reason why married life is not
easy is because of its complex and numerous stages. For
the whole process of marriage
, there are seven stages, and each stage will
produce different difficulties or setbacks. Each stage is a test and an opportunity.
If you can survive these seven
stages of
a relationship
, your married life will be evergreen and your sex relationships will be stable for a long time.

1. Passion stages of
a relationship

The passion period is generally the first
one or two years of marriage. At the beginning of the wedding, the two people
changed from a couple to a husband and wife. Although their identities have
changed, the
honeymoon stage of a
still maintains
the sweetness and passion of the love period.
And just entering a new stage
of relationship, trying the sweetness of married life, sinking into the
romantic and wonderful atmosphere of marriage, so the two sides are still very
attractive to each other. In the passion period, the
sex relationships between husband and wife is stable, and
love is the focus of life, because there is no pressure to raise children yet
honeymoon stage of a relationship. As long as two
people simply enjoy life, happiness is enough.

2. Running-in stages of
a relationship

After the passion period, the running-in
period followed. At this stage, all the romance and beauty
of marriage are gradually disappearing
in the daily life. In the life of
chicken feathers in one place, various contradictions and conflicts also occur
frequently. You will slowly find that the other person seems to be far from the
ideal partner you had imagined. Occasionally, because of a quarrel, I sometimes
doubted the marriage in
. I wondered if I chose to enter the marriage with the
person in front of me. I was wrong at the beginning. At this time, empathy,
breaking illusions, and lowering expectations are the most important, so that
the marriage can continue.

3. The rebellious stages of
a relationship

In the rebellious period, the sex
between husband and wife
will face severe challenges.
Frequent quarrels and conflicts have virtually consumed your trust and love for
each other. Your disappointment in each other grew more and more, and even shaken
your original intention of marriage.

More seriously, one party has already had
the idea of
cheating. Although
there is no actual action, I may have imagined such a scene many times.
Cheating is a betrayal of feelings. This is the most taboo thing in marriage
sex relationships. Only by understanding, tolerating and
accommodating each other can you work through this test together.

4. Cooperation stages of
a relationship

In the period of cooperation, love is no longer the focus of marriage, and the focus of marriage has
shifted from the couple to the children. For the children, you will work harder
than ever in
sex relationships. Men work hard to
create a better living environment for their children. Women fight family and
create a good family atmosphere for children. You all have a common life goal,
and you are all working hard and selflessly for your children. As a result,
they often ignore each other and temporarily forget the contradiction between
each other’s emotional needs. Children and family are important, but the
emotional needs of partners cannot be ignored. Because parents are also a
mirror of the family and their children, only when their parents have stable
relationships and harmonious relationships can children grow up healthy and happy in sex relationships.

5. Reorganization stages of
a relationship

The reorganization period is also the
balance period of the marriage stage. At this stage, the child has grown up,
the husband and wife’s careers are flourishing, and the family conditions and
living standards have also stabilized. When you are middle-aged, your
experience and life experience have been accumulated enough, and your people
have become more mature and stable in

Life has smoothed the edges and corners of
the body, no longer runs rampant when encountering problems, and temperament
becomes gentle day by day. In your daily dealings, you will not have conflicts
because of small things, and you will have to fight for a win or lose like you
did when
you were young in sex relationships.
You have learned tolerance,
tolerance, and understanding of each other. Feelings have gradually degenerated
from love to affection.

6. Crisis stages of a

Major life events such as career
bottlenecks, family changes, birth, old age, sickness and death will be staged
in turn. At this time, no matter which party is facing these difficulties, it
is a lot of pressure for the whole family in
sex relationships. Although there will be various
challenges and life tests during the crisis, the crisis is also an opportunity
to turn the crisis into peace.


7. Perfection stages of
a relationship

At this time, you already know each other
quite well, because you
have gone through many stages of your life
together, suffered, suffered,
and been hurt together. The test of the past life has made you all see and
believe that each other is the best life partner. No one or anything can
separate you anymore in
. As time goes by, you will grow old with each other
until the years come to the end of life. The perfection period is the last
stage of marriage, and it is also the stage that every couple aspires to
achieve and reach.

A happy marriage has
the same reasons for
happiness. Unhappy marriages have different reasons
for misfortune in
sex relationships. To have a
high-quality and long-term marriage, both husband and wife need to work
together and manage. In any case, from the moment you recognize each other, you
must always depend on each other, never leave. If you are experiencing a
breakup in
sex relationships, don’t worry
about dying alone; if you’re single, don’t worry about finding a soul mate; all
of you can
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