2 signs he wants you bad

she knows he wants her bad

I remember that Bacon once said this: The evaluation of a person cannot be
based on his wealth or identity, let alone his knowledge, but his true character.
The simplest criterion for looking at a person’s true conduct is his attitude
when he is angry.
He blocked me and it hurts. Sometimes the way a person looks when he is angry often hides his truest
character and temperament. There are 2
signs he wants you bad.

1. When angry, he has a bad temper

I suddenly think of my husband before my best friend. I have seen him
several times. He has a good job, and he is also very motivated. He is
well-rounded and well-rounded. In best friend words: “When I was with him, I
didn’t know how happy he was. I thought he was affectionate, perfect and impeccable.
Husband gets angry when I ask for
” But there were conflicts between
the two. Once he missed my best friend and pushed him down, going away by
himself, leaving my best friend alone to cry alone. The next day, he came to
apologize guiltily. At that time, because he was still in love, my best friend
was soft-hearted, so he forgave him. It wasn’t until the two got married that my
best friend realized that he was thinking too naively.
Husband gets angry when I ask for
. He blocked me and it hurts. When her husband was happy, he was really hungry, wishing to pick the
stars and the moon. But when he is upset, he is violent as if he has become
another person. Later, my best friend couldn’t bear it and filed for a divorce.
The man couldn’t make a petition. In front of my best friend parents, he
started throwing things crazy…

In fact, telling this story has no other meaning.
I just want to tell you
: whether a person is worth entrusting is not to see
how good he can be when he is good to you, but how bad he can be when he is bad
to you . If he is still worthy of trust at this time, then naturally everyone
is happy. If it is not worth it, please stop the loss in time.

2. When angry and quarreling, he will say something

Husband gets angry when I ask for
. He blocked me and it hurts. It is said that there has never been a couple in this world who does not
quarrel, but there is a saying that says: If you can’t control the quarrel,
then control your attitude. Don’t just say something radical. Don’t be
manipulated by emotions, let alone just consider your own
feelings from beginning to end
. I think of my dad and my mom, staying
together for thirty years-there are a lot of noisy moments, but they can always
calm down quickly. My mother often talked with cold face, my dad nodded and
bowed with a smile, handing over a glass of water at the critical moment, and
said with a smile: “Are you tired? You should rest.” That scene was funny
and warm.

Husband gets angry when I ask for
. He blocked me and it hurts. In my mother’s words: “I’m too lazy to talk to him.” In my
dad’s words: “reach out the smiley person.” Who doesn’t have a temper
yet? But
the person who puts down his temper
first will be the winner in the

Whether two people can enter a marriage depends on whether you were in
love at the beginning; whether two people can manage a marriage depends on how
you treat each other. If you are experiencing a breakup, don’t worry about
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