7 fun facts about relationships in sex love and relationships

he is crying during sex

Men have many little
secrets about sex. Men before marriage have a history of masturbation, and they
will also have masturbation after marriage. What other
7 fun
facts about relationships in sex love and relationships
are there about men?

1. A man really likes a woman and must want to have a further sex love and relationships with her.

Among the 100 men surveyed, 99 answered: If a healthy man just likes to
eat popcorn and watch movies in bed with you-“Then he is not gay, or he
doesn’t love you so much.”

2. Men don’t want to hear about your past sex, or lack of sex love facts.

If a woman is very proficient when she has sex for the first time, a man
will definitely think, where did she learn this hand in
sex love and relationships?

3. If a man says sweet things in bed, 90% are fake in sex love and relationships.

4. The most common sexual fantasies of men are “sleeping with two
women” or “watching two women have sex” in
sex love and relationships.

Men don’t want women who have experienced
many battles love facts in sex,
but they
really want them to experience novel sex feelings with men. Therefore, it is
best for a woman to continuously ask a man’s sexual fantasies and let him
imagine with you.

5. Men privately want women to read love facts porn or erotic
magazines in
sex love and relationships.

There is no need to imitate those lascivious expressions and distorted
bodies, mature men will not use porn as a sex textbook. Feel the groaning,
whispering, and twisting of the actress, and you can understand what men desire
for the sexiness of women in bed. The closer a woman and a man feel about sex,
the hotter the sex will be in
sex love
and relationships

6. Men not only love AV, they also regard porn as a “gift” among

All the men in the survey admitted that they had watched the AV, even if
they were not
fascinated about love facts,
they must have tried to
download and collect them in
sex love
and relationships

According to the explanation of gender experts, men’s physiological
instincts tend to be polygamous, and now they can’t have three wives and four
concubines, so watching porn can complete this kind of sexual fantasy, and it
has nothing to do with personality in
love and relationships

7. Whispers among men will talk about “sex” in sex love and relationships

“Men’s talk is like playing cards. It’s a game of who can beat who.
So if you have more than two people and talk about your own woman, you must be
blowing water when you mention her.” Almost all men admitted this point in sex love and relationships.

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