What to say after sex? 4 things you must know

he is kissing her sfter sex

Many people know that they should not do
something after sex, otherwise it will affect their health. But it is not too
clear what is better to do after sex. What exactly should men and women do
after having sex?
to say after sex?
4 things you must know.

1- Cleaning after sex

What to say after sex? Sex is a sport in sex relationships, so many people
will sweat
while peeing after sex
, which is very sticky, and there are
still some body fluids on the body. If you don’t wash it, you will feel
uncomfortable. At this time, two people can go to the bath together and wash
each other with each other. However, it should be noted that you should not go
to the bath immediately after sex, rest for a period of time before going,
otherwise it will have a certain impact on your health.

2- Express love after sex

What to say after sex? I usually say that
I love you a lot, so it’s better to say that the other person will feel the
same during this time
while peeing after sex
. Both men and women in sex relationships prefer to listen
to each other to express their love for themselves, especially women are
particularly prone to fall into love. Don’t go to sleep or smoke immediately
after sex. You should hug the other person and say some intimate words to
express your love. This will make the relationship between the two people

3- Communicate with targeted life after sex

What to say after sex? If the sex of two
people want to become more and more harmonious, communication and communication
are inseparable. If there is a problem in the sex of two people, but no one
points it out, then the problem will always exist and will affect the quality
of their sexual life. So during this time, you can use a good atmosphere to put
forward your own opinions, communicate with each other, and see how you can let both
parties experience the pleasure of sex
burning while peeing after sex in sex
. But what needs attention here is that the wording must
be tactful, don’t point out the other party’s problems in sex life too sharply,
and save face for the other party.

4- Envisioning the next sex after sex

What to say after sex? Imagine in advance
what new things to do in your next sex, which can make two people look forward
to sex
sex relationships
. Full of expectation for sex can make two
people’s feelings better. This kind of anticipation reflects the satisfaction
of two people for sex .

What to say after sex? If the sex is dull
as water and you don’t want the other person to expect it at all, it means that
there is a problem in the relationship
burning while peeing after sex between the two
people and needs to be resolved in time. Letting the other person think about
themselves during sex shows that sexual attractiveness is relatively high in sex relationships. In daily life, attention should be paid to enhancing
one’s own sexual attractiveness.

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