Signs of dating a sex addict

she is dating a sex addict

In daily life, “sex addict” is an unbalanced pathology that
cannot be weighed. Many girls may meet that “
My boyfriend is a sex addict.” In the life of sexes, normal
sex is an accelerator that enhances the relationship between husband and wife.
Can a sex addict be faithful? A moderate sex can also regulate
the pressure on work, life, and all aspects of the adult world. Once sexual
addiction, uncontrollable sex life, it will affect the emotions and normal life
of yourself and those around you. So what are the signs of sex addict when
dating a sex addict?

What is sex addict?

boyfriend is a sex addict. But how can I judge it? Can a sex addict be faithful?
addict is also called orgasm addiction. The full name is sex addict. It refers
to an individual’s strong, forced, continuous or periodic sexual impulses. If
these sexual impulses are not satisfied, they will feel anxious and painful
when dating a sex addict.

Whenever the word “sex addict” is
mentioned, everyone preconceives that it is a disease that men can get.
According to the data given on the Internet, there are 12 million to 15 million
people in the United States who have
sex addict. Most of them are males between 30 and 40 years old.
However, many women also have sex addict. A person may have sexual addiction
involving compulsive behaviors, as people see when they are addicted to
shopping, gambling or surfing the Internet. Only in this case does compulsive
behavior revolve around sexual behavior when
dating a
sex addict.

Signs of sex addict!

a sex addict be faithful?

1) The manifestations of
sex addict include:

Use sex to numb yourself, feel negative or achieve a
short orgasm;

Have infidelity;

Feeling that you have lost control of your sexual

Finding that his sexual behavior has caused a lot of loss of things, work, love, ignoring
family and friends;

Cannot insist on abstaining from sexual behavior
that is harmful to the body;

2) The performance of a
typical sex addict includes:

a sex addict be faithful?
Sex addicts are engrossed in sexual thoughts, which
can lead to constant arousal of sexual behavior. They like sex to become
ritual, and then repeat similar activities. These sexual behaviors do not
necessarily bring them an orgasm, but may also satisfy
their physical and psychological crazy
. Even if they know the consequences of doing so, or really
want to stop what they are doing, they engage in sexual activity. Sex addicts
feel strong guilt or shame about their sexual behavior, cannot control
themselves, and regret that their behavior has caused pain to others
dating a sex addict.

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