6 bad habits of sex on second date

they are talking about bad habits of sex on second date

In the life of both sexes, for men for sex
I need good sex and commitment”, many people find that their sexual abilities continue to decline,
which seriously affects the coming of orgasm with
, which is directly related to their
lifestyle habits. So, what are the worst sex habits? Let’s take a look at the
impact of these
6 bad habits of sex on second date.
1- Touch each other without washing your

Bad habits of sex on second date are bad for body. Needless to say, everyone knows its disadvantages when men for sex
now. Sometimes, “I need good sex and commitment.” It will be meaningless sex
. However, sometimes because of desire, they forget to cleanse first.
Especially newly married couples often make love impromptu. But be aware that
sensitive parts of the body are also very sensitive to bacteria. If you don’t
pay attention to hygiene, germs will take advantage of the deficiency. Vaginal
infections, pelvic inflammatory disease and other symptoms will follow. Wash
your hands even if you don’t have time to take a shower. This is the most basic
thing to do.
2- second time having sex
Bad habits of sex on second date are bad for body. Sometimes,
after doing it once,
men for sex now; want to do it again in order to show that they are strong. Doing so will
keep the man’s body in a state of excitement, and erectile dysfunction will
appear if the frequency increases. Some couples who like to sprint for the
second time often realize that after a few months, the man’s strength is no
longer there, which means that
can’t dominate for a while. A stressful sex
is much happier and healthier than two quick sprints.
3- Use unsafe sex
Bad habits of sex on second date are bad for body. In fact, it
is possible to make love in any way between couples, but the problem is, you
don’t know whether there are other germs in that part of the other person, and
sometimes he
men for sex now or she
doesn’t know the
meaningless sex. If you use an unsafe method for happiness, it will undoubtedly plant
dangerous seeds for your health. In any case, safe sex is the only way to be
happy, and the premise of patterned sex is healthy and feasible.
4- Take emergency contraceptives frequently
habits of sex on second date
are bad for body.
Young and greedy couples want the best pleasure and do not want to use
condoms, so they will use emergency contraceptives within 72 hours of
to avoid unwanted pregnancy. However, no
medicine is 100% safe. Occasionally medication is fine, but if you use this
method frequently, it will cause great harm to her body.
I need good
sex and commitment
. If you are
really uncontrollable and do not want to use condoms, then it is recommended
that one party use contraceptives, or contraceptive injections, for a week, a
month or six months. For couples who live together for a long time, it is
better to use condoms.
5- Waiting for the climax of sex together
Bad habits of sex on second date are bad for body. When you wait for her, holding on yourself will reduce the pleasure, and
over time,
men for sex now will not
feel the freedom of sex.
I need good
sex and commitment.
Some men
meet their wives first, but as a result of waiting, he rarely reaches the peak
at the same time as her. In fact, no matter how loving couples are, they cannot
always reach the wonderful high point together. At the age of 20, men are
faster than women and slower, which can increase foreplay moderately; after 30,
women are faster and slower than men, which can reduce the time of intimacy in
front of them. When both parties feel that they are about to sprint, it is
enough to realize their own happiness.
6- Drink cold drinks immediately after sex
Bad habits of sex on second date are bad for body. After making love, sweating profusely, you suddenly want to drink water,
the lover will immediately bring it to you from the refrigerator. The result of
this is: the next day you will feel uncomfortable. Eating cold drinks after sex
is not only easy to get stomach troubles, but also an attack on the whole
stretched body. Otherwise,
it will be meaningless se
The goal of sex is to get you and your spouse
closer, have more fun, and make you satisfied. You must pay attention to the
above six bad habits. A sex that both parties are satisfied with is formed
under good habits.
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