4 ways of how to ask for sex without saying it

they will sex but no how to ask for sex without saying it

If there is a problem of boring sex
between husband and wife, the first thing to consider is whether there is an
emotional problem between the husband and wife in
relationships first. If there is no problem
in the relationship between husband and wife, but only because the relationship
has changed over time and faded. Or because of problems between husband and wife’s sexual experience, sexual situations, etc., you can try
to learn some alternative ways of sex, change the usual single and boring sex,
and let yourself and your lover feel different from these new ways of sex. The
fun of both parties raises their expectations of sex.
When the sex stops in your relationship, do you how to ask for
sex without saying it?

1- Sex after the quarrel

the sex stops in your relationship
, do you how to ask for sex without
saying it?
Intense quarrels can lead to an increase
in dopamine and adrenaline in the body, which will make the two people in a
state of quarrel friction feel extremely excited, which often leads to intense
sexual activity. As the saying goes, “fighting at the end of the
bed”, many couples have sex after a conflict, which will make the
relationships first and sexual life between
the couples more harmonious.

While acting as an emotional mediator,
the sex after the quarrel also has some fun. According to online surveys, many
couples have sex after quarrels or conflicts, and sex in this case will make
their relationship more harmonious.

2- Enjoy the world of two

When the sex stops in your
relationship, do you how to ask for sex without saying it?
there are children in the family, parents will spend more time on the children
and ignore the emotional and physical needs of the couple. Over time, the
relationships first between the couple will
become weaker and the
sex will become
more and more boring.

Occasionally, give yourself and your
partner a private space in the two-person world. Put aside family chores and
work troubles, and make good use of this time to recall the sweetness and
rekindle passion of the past. A certain amount of sex time can be arranged
during the two-person travel, and the couple will spend the sweet two-person
world in a relaxed state of mind and body, and feel the wonderful sex that is
different from usual in

3- Unexpected sex

When the sex stops in your
relationship, do you how to ask for sex without saying it?
sex is the most irritating and pleasant to make people feel, but unexpectedly
you need to grasp a certain degree, otherwise it may make the other party
disgusted if it exceeds this degree, and
unexpected sex
with a hint of aggression will make women feel fresh and
exciting in
relationships first.

Because many women will fantasize that
their husbands who are usually gentle to themselves will occasionally be
“rude” to them. For example, when she is concentrating on cooking in
the kitchen, you can put your chin on her shoulder, sniff her hair, and move
your hands up and down on her body. Everything will come naturally
in relationships first.

4- Create a beautiful and romantic atmosphere

When the sex stops in your
relationship, do you how to ask for sex without saying it?
are always longing for romance. They like to fantasize about romantic and
beautiful plots and long to have a gentle and considerate lover, both in life
and in sex.

Spend some thought and time to prepare a
perfect date for your beloved woman. You can take her to a quiet and elegant
coffee shop, or you can set up a romantic date scene for her in
relationships first.

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