5 types of magic mountain sex position to lose weight

they are trying magic mountain sex position

Everyone is busy with study and
work, but also pay attention to personal health. But you must feel that every
day is so busy, how can there be time to exercise? But if you can combine
sports with things you like, will you be more motivated? So today I will
introduce a few groups of postures that can be exercised while doing
5 types
mountain sex position t
o lose weight
ensuring that you will develop a good habit of loving
exercise! Try it tonight!

1- Male upper female lower
missionary position

The missionary posture is also
commonly known as the male superior
mountain sex position
, which is the entry level among all sex position on top. And because this position is easier to stretch, arch or
support the body, it is particularly easy to train the chest muscles, deltoids,
biceps and triceps. As for the woman lying on her back, she can also exercise,
because she will need to stretch her back muscles, tighten her abdominal
muscles, and even lift up and kiss her partner during
position dictionary
. So if you can maintain this position for half a
minute, It can increase abdominal waist strength and exercise core muscles.

2- Female upper and male lower
riding position

The familiar female upper position
is also a common riding
sex position on top, which can effectively exercise girls’ abdominal muscles
and lower back muscles, while boys can
the woman’s side to maintain
balance in a timely manner, so it can also train
arm muscles, such as biceps part. If you maintain this position for a period of
time, you can also use a lot of women’s biceps, triceps, forearms and chest
muscles, and men can work with upright movements to exercise their waist core
muscles in
magic mountain sex position.

3-sit position in magic mountain sex position

This posture requires men and women
to sit opposite each other, so it can effectively stretch the calf muscles. In
addition to maintaining the stability of the sitting posture at the same time,
it also tests whether the core muscles of both parties are
enough in
dictionary. Experts also said that due to the higher difficulty of
sitting, it is recommended that people with weak back muscles should not try it
lightly, otherwise it will be easy to strain. When happy fitness is not a
result, they will have to see a doctor.

4-posture against the wall

Perhaps fewer people will try the
wall position in
sex position dictionary, because just looking at it makes you feel super tired.
And this position also requires a long time to stand, so you can exercise a lot
of quadriceps (front thigh muscles) and waist muscles. At the same time,
because the height difference between men and women is different, in order to
maintain a certain height and angle, both thigh and leg muscles will have an
extension effect in
magic mountain sex position. In addition, if
the boy thinks
his arm muscle strength is good, he can also try to hug the
other half completely, not only is passionate, but also can consume more

5- leg lift posture

The leg-raising pose called the
flexion position in
sex position dictionary in Japanese is actually a variation of the normal
posture. As the name suggests, the woman will raise her legs to the shoulders
of the man. This
magic mountain sex
can stretch to the woman’s leg
muscles to exercise the core of the abdomen. Experts also point out that the
leg lift is a very ideal aerobic exercise, and its effect is equivalent to
exercising in the gym. Minute effect.

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