3 relationship advice for women and men

they are talking for relationship advice

Love is a long journey. We have switched from the
train of love to the train of marriage, constantly standing the test of time.
Whether you are a couple or a lover, if you want a long-lasting relationship,
you must remember these three dating
advice for men and women: hug more and say I love you more, chat more and talk about your
concerns, be more romantic and prepare for surprises. Only in this way can the
relationship between two people stand the test of time, will not be alienated,
and will not be a stranger.

1. Hug more and say I love you more

I saw an article before that said: “Two people
who love each other need 50,000 hugs in their lifetime.” But many couples
around me who have spent their love period have become accustomed to each other
over time. I don’t want to take the initiative to express my love for each
other for
relationship advice for men and
Day after day, life becomes as plain as water without
any ripples.

In fact, in the world of love, not only love needs
to be active, but marriage also requires two people to operate together with
relationship advice for men and women. The easiest way is to hug more intimately every
night, maintain close physical interaction, and feel the excitement and tension
of the deer bumping into each other. Only in this way can we regain our
attachment to each other and feel a little tenderness in our busy life. From
tonight, after returning home, hug your lover around you, and
say sweetly I love you before going to bed. If you stick to it, the lives of two people will be sweeter and

2. Chat more and talk more about your thoughts

Whether a couple or a lover, in order to have a long
relationship with
relationship advice for men and
, not only physical
interaction, but also spiritual communication is needed. During the day, both
of them are busy with work for life, and there is little time to calm down and
have a good conversation. So before going to bed every night, is the time to
truly talk and communicate. There is a saying that goes very well: “Share
your pain with others, and your pain will be reduced by half; share your
happiness with others,
and your happiness will double.”
Everyone has their own difficulties and difficulties, Only by actively chatting
together can we understand each other’s concerns. Talk to your wife with
relationship advice for men more about the current situation at work, smile with your husband about
interesting things in life, be more caring and considerate, and respect and
trust each other more. In the complicated life of firewood, rice, oil and salt,
it is precisely because of the support and understanding of the lover that we
can make each other more motivated to fight. So before going to bed at night,
don’t worry about your phone and distracting thoughts, and chat with your lover
easily. You will find that the moments of talking with your lover are the most
pleasant time in life.

3. Be more romantic and prepare for surprises

There is a classic line in “Desperate Housewives” that makes a
lot of sense: “No matter how exhausted the body and mind, we with
relationship advice for men and women must maintain a romantic feeling. Although formalism is not very good, it is better
than being lazy to go through the scene.” Two people who have lived
together for a long time should pay more attention to romance and ritual.
Although the days are ordinary, every holiday, every birthday, every weekend,
everyone has been expecting an unexpected surprise in their hearts.

Surprise does not lie in size, gift does not lie in
value, but in the other’s care and heart. On the way home from get off work, with
relationship advice for men and
, you can buy a bunch of
her favorite flowers for your wife, or you can buy a beautiful dress for your
wife with your salary at the end of the month, and you can cook your
husband’s favorite meal on the
weekend night, or this month Give him a little more pocket money…

With relationship advice for men and women, “ The Little
” also said: “The sense of ritual is to make a certain day
different from other days, and make a certain moment different from other
moments.” Usually, I don’t drink and play cards with my friends, and spend
more time at home to prepare a little romance for my lover. And the sense of
ritual, these bits and pieces that are remembered by the other side are the
best witnesses of the happiness of a couple.

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