Do affairs that break up a marriage last? 3 answers tell you

she is thinking is my husband having an affair

“For those who hurt us, to
forgive once is infatuation, twice is tolerant, and three times is base.”
Do affairs that break up a marriage
? In fact, women are not that stupid. It’s just that many times, I’m trying
to understand and pretend to be confused, hoping that the person in front of me
will be better, always thinking that I am a special one in
relationships that start as affairs. However, derailment is never an impromptu accident, but a long-planned
plan. It’s not about passion, but about character. And that memory of being
hurt will only be hidden and will not be forgotten. So, when a man cheats, what
kinds of behaviors are there?

1. Be extremely nervous about mobile

affairs that
up a marriage last
I have read this sentence: Before the derailment,
the mobile phone was only a communication tool, and after the derailment, the
mobile phone became a tool for crime.
Is my husband having an affair? It is true that
everyone needs to have their own privacy in
relationships that start as affairs. But when a man who
has a big nerve and never pays attention to details becomes overly concerned
about the phone: don’t leave the phone, take a bath; keep silent for 24 hours,
suddenly change the phone password; hide the phone in your sight while sleeping
Outside the range; if you borrow a mobile phone, he will be very vigilant, and
he will frequently contact a certain opposite sex, but the chat history will be
deleted cleanly. Then there must be something in his phone that you don’t want
you to see.

2. Start updating social news

affairs that break up a marriage last
? Compared with women, men
are always more reserved in expressing emotions.
a certain period of time,
he began to pay special attention to dressing up,
and frequently posted photos of his life; or he always shared love songs late
at night and made some sentimental words for
relationships that start as affairs. He probably already
has the goal of having an affair. Self-portraits and life photos are meant to
let someone on the other side of the phone understand their daily life and
share their own emotions. And those sad songs, thought-provoking words, are
suitable excuses for derailment.

3. No longer have the desire to have
sex with you

affairs that break up a marriage last
? In many cases, physical intimacy is a reflection of a person’s emotional
and subconscious mind. Whether a man has you in his heart, his subconscious
body reaction is obvious. A single-minded man will fight for your future, and
will hold you in his arms when he is tired. Wherever you are, he is a haven for
rest. And
the man starts to
dodge your hugs and kisses and walks together, keep a
distance from you for
that start as affairs
. Frequent overtime work, because of
“busy work”, “poor sleep” proposed to divide the room, and
even do not return at night. Then he mostly has an external heart, and it is
difficult to balance two “homes” at the same time. With other
tenderness in your mind, your knowledge of the roots only makes him feel dull,
and the energy is naturally left to freshness. For you, only escape and cope.

4. Deliberately picky and

affairs that break up a marriage last
? After a man changes his heart, a particularly obvious manifestation is
that he starts to be extremely critical of you. Today I always make those kinds
of food when I complain about it. Tomorrow I say you are in a bad shape and
have a bad temper. Your goodness has been taken for granted, and the slightest
shortcomings will be infinitely magnified by him. You seem to be a worthless
woman. In addition,
will become particularly sensitive in
start as affairs
. You inadvertently asked “Where did you go
today?” and “Why didn’t you answer the phone?” can make him
furious. He attributed the source of all anger to you, accused you of not
trusting enough, and suspicious, thinking that you did not give him freedom.
All this is just because you touched his sensitive nerves, and even his
reasonable vent for what he did wrong.

When a man starts to pick you up and
always compares you with others in
relationships that start as affairs, his love for you
has shifted. Even if you encounter betrayal, you must choose to see the beauty
and live a life where you can feel love.
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