sex ideas for long term relationships for men and women

Sexual safety not only means using condoms, but also paying attention to
physical hygiene, knowing what to avoid and how to make the right choices.
Sex between men
and women
is a pleasant thing, but if you do
not pay attention to the safety of sex, just
sex and flirt, it will cause some damage to some extent. However, there are 5 sex ideas for long term relationships for men and women paying attention to when making love?

1.     Maintain good health
sex love and
relationships when making love

The human body produces many physiological substances during sexual
activity, which should attract the attention of those who wish to keep their
sex safe. The body fluids related to sexual behavior include: semen, vaginal secretions,
saliva, urine, feces and blood, etc., which can be contacted by both parties
who have sex through any form of sexual activity. These body fluids are also
good carriers of disease pathogens and need to be treated with caution.

2.     Never have vaginal or
anal sex without washing first
in sex love and relationships when making love.

Because many microorganisms in the feces can be carried by the penis, sex
tools, tongue or fingers and infect the vagina. Therefore, thoroughly washing
or using another condom can ensure that it does not cause infection.

3.     Never share condoms
or sex devices with others
in sex love and relationships when
making love

Condoms must be disposable. If you plan to use sex tools that others have
used, remember to wash them thoroughly with soap and water. If this is not
enough, you can even wash it with bleach, rinse it repeatedly with water, or
put a condom on the
outside of the sex device.

4.     Be sure to wash
thoroughly before having anal sex
in sex love and relationships when
making love

If you wash the anus and its surroundings with soap and water in advance,
anal sex is safer. It is also recommended that bowel movements should be done
in advance.

5.     Wash towels and
sheets frequently
in sex love and relationships when
making love

Certain sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), such as scabies, can be
transmitted by fabric fibers. Unwashed feces after anal sex can also cause
hygiene problems. Do not use towels used for
scrubbing after sex to wash hands or face.

In addition, men and women need to avoid intense sexual behavior when making love. Imagine the pain of a man causing damage to the penis during unusually intense
sex, and then imagine the consequences of inadvertently causing a tear in the
vaginal or anal lining. For the penis, there is a risk of trauma, especially
when the sex partner is on the upper side and the penis is prolapsed during
twitching, it will hit the other party’s body, which may cause penile tissue,
blood vessel tears and even penile breaks.

Men and women with heart disease
need to pay attention to making love appropriately. We all know that Brie’s
husband cheated on
Desperate Housewife. While
having sex with another woman, he suffered a heart attack and was taken to the hospital. In short, sex is a
beautiful thing
. Both men and women
need to adopt appropriate sex skills, healthy sex, and enjoy life.

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