how to convince a girl to have sex with you? 9 sex rules should know

he is convincing the girl to have sex

Sex is the most private and personalized art. Am I ready for sex
? If you want to have a good sex with your lover for a long time, you must maintain your enthusiasm and
manage it carefully. The American “Women’s Health” magazine asked a
number of sexologists and marital experts to summarize the “golden rule of
making sex last a lifetime.” This can help you do
how to convince a girl to have sex with

1. Stay true and be true to yourself for sex in love and relationships

American clinical psychologist Dr. John Mayer stated that
the prerequisite for enjoying sex is to be your true self and maintain your
goals, passions and ideas. If you pretend to have an orgasm in order to please
your partner, or if you ignore your own needs in order to cater to your partner,
you will easily become disgusted or even resentful towards sex, which will
affect sexual passion and harm the happiness of your marriage.

2. “Keep fresh” for sex

Dr. Tina Tesina, an American sexologist and author of
“Money, Sex and Children: Three Things That Destroy Marriage”, said
that couples should regard sex as an important way to enjoy close relationships
and maintain happiness. Sexology expert Dr. Lori Rufu Shade further pointed out
that the passion for sex during love will fade away sooner or later, so we must
learn some methods that can bring freshness to sex, such as vacationing
together or looking for opportunities to be alone,
Try new sex skills, participate in some interesting activities together,

3. Be sure to express gratitude for sex

Dr. Tesina said that expressing gratitude to a partner
can help keep love alive and passionate. Flowers and candy, candlelight dinner,
or simple hugs and kisses, there are many ways to show gratitude. Of course, if
your partner gives understanding when you do not want to have sex, you must
also express your gratitude, for example: “Thank you for your
understanding dear, next
time we will have something special.”

4. Learn to compromise appropriately in love and relationships

Dr. Jane Greer, a marriage and sex therapist in New York
City, said that after you get married, you may find that your partner and you
have different views on many aspects, such as what bed linen should be used in
the bedroom, what temperature should be adjusted for the air conditioner, and
even sex. There may be differences in the order of time and condom brands. At
this time, both parties must learn to compromise appropriately. Compromise is
the key to maintaining a long-term relationship between
husband and wife.

5. Know the most important part in love
and relationships

In terms of sex, everyone has their own
“methods”. For example, some people don’t want the other person to
touch a certain part of their body, and some people like to say something
swearing. In this regard, both spouses should increase communication, know what
is the focus of sex, and then meet each other; what is taboo, it is best not to
break through.

6. Acknowledge that there will be friction for sex Dr. Dana Royce Berg, associate
professor of clinical psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Northwestern
University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, said it is important to accept the
fact that “some marital problems will never be resolved”. But equally
important is that maintaining good intentions and a humorous
way of doing things can often effectively alleviate dissatisfaction and
resentment between husband and wife.

7. See the advantages of your partner in love and relationships

Dr. Berg said that having a positive attitude towards
your partner, knowing how to appreciate and respect your partner, and praising
your partner’s benefits and advantages will help maintain a harmonious and
long-term sexual relationship.

8. Good at self-reflection for sex

Dr. Berg said that in long-term healthy relationships,
couples seldom complain about each other, and when problems arise, they often
find reasons on their own. In addition, you should also think more about what
you can do for a more secure and happier sex life. If both spouses only expect
the other to
make changes, then sex will be in trouble.

9. Focus on “small things” for sex in love and relationships

A good sex life requires persistent and long-term effort.
Conveying love through small things can make couples become closer, such as
giving your lover a kiss before going out, or a cup of hot tea when it is cold,
which can convey your care and concern for your lover.

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