6 tips of how to try anal before anal sex

she is eager to have a beautiful anal sex

With the openness of people’s sexual
thinking, many young people like novel things, so they have a certain curiosity
and freshness about
anal sex, but you must take safety measures when doing anal sex in real passionate
. What are the precautions for anal sex? There are 6
tips of how to try anal
anal sex.

1. Have a good attitude before anal sex

There are some women who resist anal
sex at first and feel very disgusting. In fact, anal sex is safe sex. This
allows both spouses to achieve a certain orgasm, and it is also a sensitive
zone for women. You can try anal sex. Bring special pleasure to the body.

2. Pay attention to clean before anal sex

Every time before anal sex, you must
pull the stool first, and make sure that the anus is cleaned. After cleaning,
the fear can be reduced. Learn to relax and prepare toilet paper and paper
towels at any time to prevent accidents.

3. Learn to protect yourself before anal sex

Some people think that there is no
need to use any condoms during anal sex. In fact, this is a misconception. Many
STDs are transmitted by anal sex. The safest state is to let men wear condoms.
anal sex is not enough, then continue vaginal or oral sex, be sure to let
the other person suppress sexual desire first, clean it before putting it in
the vagina or mouth, so as to prevent infection.

4. Must learn to relax before anal sex

During anal sex, you must learn to
relax and avoid mental tension. If you are too nervous, the penis will not
enter the anus smoothly, and it will also increase the pain. When the pain is
severe, the man must be required to stop the action immediately and slow down.

5. Choose a good lubricant before anal sex

Lubricant can be selected for the
first anal sex, enough moisture can allow the penis to enter quickly and reduce
pain. Because the anus does not have a large amount of secretion like the
vagina, it is necessary to prepare a lubricant first. At the beginning, you can
use your fingers, and
let the anus get used to the feeling
of being inserted before inserting the
penis, so that there will be no pain of being torn.

6. Slow down before anal sex

When the male penis is pushed into
the vagina quickly, it can produce pleasant pleasure, but for women, the anus
has not been explored, so it cannot enter quickly, and then enter slowly after
making sufficient preparations, so as to be able to Let women have a certain
degree of adaptation.

In fact, anal sex is not disgusting.
This is a normal physiological phenomenon. The genitals must be cleaned and
for anal sex and peacetime sex. Cleaning should
be done in time
before and after each sex. If the woman suffers severe
pain, she should immediately stop to avoid accidents rather than continue the
beautiful anal sex.

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