5 sex issues in relationships for men to know

They need to spice up their sex relationship

Those details that seem insignificant may actually be big sex issues in relationships. You may be wondering if your
female partner also enjoys the pleasure of sex between the two, or if you
sex moves for long term relationships and even hope it will end soon? The following are 5
mistakes and
sex issues that men often have
when they are engaged in bed. Let’s take a look at what women are thinking about
spicing up sex tips for making sex more harmonious!

1.Sex issues in relationships: Sex only has thrusts?

Before having sex, women need time to brew or arouse sexual desire. Many
men do not know that women like to hug, kiss or hold hands before having sex.
These body movements can make women feel safe and make them more confident when
making love. Scientific research has confirmed that hugging for 30 seconds can
promote the secretion of Oxytocin, which can make both parties feel trust and
connection. Therefore, before entering the room to engage in two-person
activities, do some preparations wherever you are!

2. Sex issues in relationships:  Know everything when making love is necessary?

Surveys have shown that many women pretend to orgasm for the sake of their
spouse, so men may not know
whether their spouse enjoys sex. If you like your spouse very
much and want to make her happy, you might as well ask them directly what they
want, and let her tell you what she likes and what she doesn’t like. After all,
even if you are a sex expert, you dare not say that you know everything about
bed matters!

3. Sex issues in relationships: There is no need to change
sex movements?

Even if some actions are successful several times, it does not mean that
the other half will feel comfortable and happy next time. A woman’s orgasm
usually changes with her current mood. She was very sensitive to this place
last time, but this time it may be different. So when touching, you should pay
attention to the sensitive areas of the other party. If you find the other half
of the sensitive area, it can last for a while, but please don’t treat it as a
routine, and make changes in time.

4. Sex issues in relationships: Men only need to touch the body foreplay?

What men don’t know is that women can be mentally stimulated, and mental
stimulation is even more sensible than physical touch. Most women like to
fantasize about things that can increase sexual desire during sex. Why don’t
men help women? Men and women fantasize together not only to achieve sexual
satisfaction, but also to strengthen their relationship.

5. Sex issues in relationships: Making
is the only way to have sex climax?

Women’s sex climax do not always occur during sexual intercourse. This may
sound a bit unbelievable, but since most of the
are not very irritating to the clitoris (the most important
requirement for orgasm). Some women even treat others more sensational. Experts
have found that the easiest way to make women attach sex climax is
oral sex, and massage sticks can also help women achieve
orgasm. Men should start learning to use sex toys instead of hating them. Since
they can make their spouse happy, why not try to accept different
sex positions for spicing up sex?

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