3 qualities of a good man in a relationship

he is a good man in a relationship

Heterosexual contacts, to see a person’s
true face, these 3 points are enough for older couples, together for a
lifetime, they can grow old without even saying the word of love.
When you have a good man, you will break
up i
n less than half a minute without
know which
of a good man in a relationship. Then you will say that it’s too difficult to
pursue true love!
Dividing and combining is almost
the norm in love. On the road to find love, short-term pleasures are easy to
get, and it is hard to find company with the elderly. It is very important to
see a person’s true face in a
which is related to the happiness of the rest of life. So
how do you know that the other party is
a good man?
how do you judge which
of a man in relationship
? It can be judged from the following 3 points.

1. When you have a good man, he can control his emotions

There is a saying that is often
mentioned: if two people do not agree with three views, their feelings must be
at odds. When I first heard it, I was convinced. But after a long time, I
suddenly discovered that emotions are more important than the disagreement of
the three views; if the emotions are not in harmony, the three views cannot be
in harmony anyway. In the American best-selling book “Dangerous
Personality Recognition”, it was mentioned that a person who is
emotionally unstable is a dangerous personality.
kind of person is very good to
when you are in good times. You are his world; once the emotions explode, they
are like a beast that loses their mind, wishing to tear you apart, just like
George Williams in “Desperate Housewives”; People who have been
emotionally out of control for a long time will breed domestic violence. When
you meet such a person, you can’t marry no matter how much you love.
Recognizing a person does not depend on how good he is, but how bad he is bad.

2. When you have a good man, he is willing to maintain a sense of proportion to the
opposite sex

“In addition to a sense of ritual,
love also has a sense of exclusivity: I can only hold your hand; I can only sit
in your co-drive; I can only kiss your face; and your heart can only I’m here
to live; the distance between lovers, no one except me can be close. “It’s
just like loving someone, keeping a distance from other people of the opposite
sex, and keeping affection with a close lover. Love, what is needed most is
this kind of “sense of measure”.
person who loves you
will care about your
feelings, will learn to avoid suspicion for you, will make sense for you, and
will dare to refuse for you. San Mao once said: “No matter how close a
friend is, you must not lose proportion.” This is the case with friends,
and the same is true with lovers. Whether you are in love or already married,
keeping proportion and distance from the opposite sex other than your lover is
the highest level of EQ. Men know how to score, and women have a sense of

3. When you have a good man, he is responsible for you

“Don’t just love a good person,
don’t just love a good man, don’t just love a talented man, please do, love a
responsible man”. A responsible person will stand in front of you,
shielding you from wind, rain and frost, and propping up a world for you.

When you find a good man, you should learn to
“stop loss in time” in relationships. And you should feel his great
qualities of a good man in a
Because it is far more important than persistence; and you should remember that love will
inevitably make mistakes, and
marriage may
not end well. If you accidentally get on a thief ship, you must know
to find a good man

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