2 spice up sex tips for men and women

she wants spice up sex tips

Not all women can achieve orgasm. Some
women have never had an orgasm in their lives, and they may not have an orgasm
every time when having sex. Although not all sex skills can make women feel
happy, but men and women need to
spice up sex tips. If husband
wants sex all the time, women need to
tell him the sex issues in relationships.
These skills are definitely what every man dreams of,
don’t be impatient, here are 2 sex skills, you can try them.

1. Foreplay skills for spice up sex tips

The woman lies on the bed, face up, and the right-handed person lies on
the woman’s right side, probably from the chest to the genitals. Foreplay
started slowly to
spice up sex. For example, you can start with a three-minute hot kiss, while kissing
her while stroking her breasts, rubbing her breasts with your hands, kissing
her earlobes and breasts, and touching her inner thighs with your hands. Except
for her pussy, she
every inch of her skin.

After a few minutes, she moved her hand slowly to her pubic area, and
rubbed her pubic hair with her fingers. Gently massage near the top of the
pubic bone, then cover her genitals with the palm of the right hand, and gently
shake the index finger, middle finger, and ring finger f
spicing up
. Then you can use the middle
finger to gently massage the female genitals in circular motions, or use the
middle finger knuckles to move up and down outside the genitals. Remember to
apply a little pressure so that women will feel better.

Finally, slowly approach the labia, placing the middle finger and ring
finger on both labia. First use your fingertips to gently touch the surrounding
area, and vibrate to strengthen the stimulation, then gently circle the two
fingers clockwise for two or three minutes to
spice up sex. Use
two fingers to separate and close her labia
, separate and close. After a
while, slowly narrow the scope and move it toward the clitoris, rubbing left
and right as if there is nothing against the clitoris. Continue to stimulate
the clitoris until her pussy lubricates.

After stroking the clitoris to make the woman’s vagina fully moisturized,
she can use her middle finger to slowly stick to the vaginal opening, gently
and gently sliding up and down, and quietly sliding the middle finger into the
vagina while sliding back and forth to
spice up sex.

2. Techniques for making love for spice up sex

After inserting the penis into the vagina, use the technique of drawing a
circle around the waist to do a rotating movement. The advantage of this method
is that the two are close together, which helps the genitals to
stimulate the clitoris and
spice up
, so that both spouses can obtain strong sexual pleasure at the same time.

After the man inserts the penis into the woman’s vagina, the one lying
down on his back pushes the pelvis and genitals upwards. The one lying prone on
the top forcefully presses down the pelvis and genitals, forming a situation of
sending up and down, pressing up and down, making the junction between the two
sides very close to
spice up
. This law is suitable for
male or female superiors. The advantage is that it is good for stimulating the
clitoris and the vaginal opening, and for women to hold the penis tightly by
the vagina which is one third of the length of the vaginal opening, thereby
increasing the intensity of sexual stimulation.

The penis twitches back and forth in the vagina. Generally, women are very
interested in low-frequency twitches, which stimulate excitement and
up sex,
while high-speed twitches
easily drive the couple into orgasm. Summarized into four sentences with a
total of 16 words, that is, “nine shallows and one deep, three on the
left, three on the right, leeches landed, and eels stranded.” In fact, it
is about piston movement, which is vividly expressed. It means to twitch back
and forth, nine times in a shallow place, then a deep insertion, and then three
times on the left and right vaginal side walls, and then rhythmically
twitching, such as the eel squirming forward in shallow water. .This kind of
action can make couples get great pleasure in sex life for
spicing up sex.

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