do long distance relationships last? 4 factors you should know

He is touching her face due to long distance relationship

Today my friend asked me a question: Is it hard to persist in a
long-distance relationship?
This reminded me of a sentence:
“Actually, we
every day. Some people meet every day and still separate,
but some people still don’t break up after thousands of miles. So sometimes
it’s not the time distance, but the human heart that is unreliable. “But
because of the distance between the two people who are
in a long-distance relationship, it is true that
“the joy and sorrow cannot be shared, and the laughter and tears cannot be
embraced.” But I think it’s not distance that really defeats long-distance
relationships. It’s not distance that can break them apart. I have summed it
up. There are no more than the following
4 things for long distance relationships, which depends how to
make long distance relationships fun.


1. Lack of sincere communication in long distance relationships


In fact, sometimes, rather than saying
“influence feelings” a
nd secretly disappointed in my heart, I think
it makes people more sad and emotional. Because of the distance issue, there
are many things, if you don’t say it, the other party may not be aware of it.
For long-distance relationships, sincere communication and exchanges can really
reduce a lot of unnecessary misunderstandings and contradictions.


2. Lack of mutual understanding and trust in long distance relationships


Many long-distance couples are still very
sweet when they meet, but when they arrive in a different place, they start to
quarrel frequently. Sometimes it is not love, distance, or quarrel that defeats
their feelings, but the two people’s inability to understand and trust each
other. I have always felt that trust is the cornerstone of all feelings.
Feelings without trust are like bubbles that will burst when the wind blows.
So, when you choose to be with each other, please give enough trust to this
relationship, communicate frankly, and love each other as equals
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3. Does not respect each other’s hobbies in long distance relationships

I still remember a netizen once asked:
“In a long-distance relationship, my boyfriend has his own hobbies and is
unwilling to accompany me to do things he likes. Does he not love me?” I
found an answer below that I particularly like: each person has his own Each
has its own personalities, and each has its own likes, which can be disliked,
but two people must respect each other. People are different from life, and of
course they have different preferences, but I think girls in love can easily
have a wrong thinking, that is, “If you don’t accompany me, you don’t love
me”. But I want to say that for long-distance couples, girls have higher
requirements for “accompaniment”. Respect the other person’s
preferences and don’t always let the other person choose between you and what
he likes. I believe that you will make him like it more.


4. Don’t lose yourself in love in long
distance relationships

In fact, in our lives, we will meet many
people who are crazy about love. Some people will put all their minds and all
their time on the other half, staring at the other half’s life, in order to
prove that they are loved. Just like couples in a long-distance relationship,
some even ask the other half to report their whereabouts, log in to the other
party’s social software, check the other party’s chat history, and ask the
other party to give up other opportunities to communicate with the opposite
sex. It seems that this is the only way to make the other person feel that he
is loved and valued enough. But often lose self-love, this relationship is
difficult to balance, and an unbalanced love will only make two people love
very hard and tired.


The best preservation in the world is not
the contact and response of information every moment, but the continuous
improvement of two people to make themselves a better person and more worthy of
his love. If you love someone, you don’t have to be around him all day.
Everyone has their own space, and your life is more than just the other person.
It is better to use the time to test love to improve yourself, make yourself
better and more worthy of being loved by this world.
your long distance relationships will last.

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