5 moments when a woman gives up on a relationship

They are having sex for when to give up their relationship

Telling the girl’s frustration in love, all kinds of conjectures, and the
faint deceit in her heart, in the end, she was only changing her bottom line
until the tea was cold and she had to choose to say goodbye after she was
I give up on relationships.” When a woman completely give
up a relationship
that you have taken seriously, liked, and paid for. In love, what moments do
girls feel disappointed?
to give up on a relationship for women ?

1.When to give up on a relationship : Receive a cold response

In fact, a girl in love wants to be with you all the time. She wants to
tell you her happy things and share her joy at the first time; and when
encountering difficulties, she will talk to you at the first time, All the
grievances are edited into a paragraph and sent to you, looking forward to your
warm response to her. Just ask, think about it if your reply is within five
words: “Well, don’t be sad” “Keep on working” “Okay, I
get it”…

Sometimes, when she talks to you, she typed a lot of words happily when
she talked about a topic of particular interest, but you suddenly said:
“I’m going to play games” “I’m sleepy” “I’m busy now

The girl’s original enthusiasm would be wiped out by the cold water in an
instant, and it was deleted immediately, and she didn’t want to say
at the moment.
Later, during the most panicking moments, she would rather
trouble her friends than talk to you.

2. When to give up on a relationship : When I need you, you are not there

Some girls are happy to fall in love and feel safe. And some girls are
clearly in love, but feel that they are still single. That’s because when she
was the loneliest and helpless, trapped by heavy rain, she asked you for help,
and wanted you to drive her home, but you refused her request by saying
“you should take a taxi,” but you didn’t know that How difficult it
is to take a taxi on a rainy day. When she came to her period, she was so
painful that she wanted you to pour her a cup of hot water and make a bowl of
porridge, but every time you asked, you only had one sentence: “Do you
really hurt so much that you can’t even pour a glass of water?” Do you
know how chilling it is to say this? Or on Valentine’s Day, she saw many people
in her circle of friends showing affection, reminding you that today is
Valentine’s Day, and you simply reply with an “oh”, and think about
whether it is enough to disappoint her and feel sad for a long time. You can’t
give the most basic pet in this kind of love,
why do you like her?

3. When to give up on a relationship : You regard her care as a burden

Sometimes you go out for a drink with your brother. A few hours later, she
calls you to remind you that you have a bad stomach and don’t drink too much.
You said “I got it” and you hung up. Later, it was a bit late, and
she continued to ask when you would be back, and you said “be late”
impatiently. At two o’clock in the morning, she called you again. She hadn’t
spoken yet, so you shouted at her: “Can you leave me alone?” Then she
heard “Deep” and hang up The voice, and then left her alone in the
bed, tossing and turning, awake all night.

4. When to give up on a relationship :  Never apologize
for quarrels

Every time you quarrel, you don’t want to talk to her calmly. Instead, you
say to her: “Are you doing this all the time?” “Why do you like
to lose your temper so much?” Where did I provoke you? “Whatever you
want, I can’t help you think about it like this.” No matter what the origin
of the contradiction is, whether it is her mistake or what you did to her sorry
for her, when you say these things, in your eyes, The wrong person will always
be her. She is the one who has nothing to do with quarrels, and she is
unreasonable to make trouble. In fact, when you think about it, you just admit
a mistake, apologize, and say I’m sorry. The earth-shattering event has hurt
the feelings between you.

 5. When to give up on a relationship : Never forget
the ex

She hopes that you will not contact your ex-girlfriend, but you always
say: “There is no end, we are just friends.” She hopes that you can
delete the pictures of your ex-girlfriend, but you always look reluctant; You
love happily and well, but you often mention your ex-girlfriend, consciously or
unconsciously, talking about her ex-girlfriend’s goodness, and talking about
her is not easy. But did you know? In fact, girls are just disappointed that
you can’t forget your ex. So in the end, she stopped being wayward and arguing,
she started to be behaved, and she stopped clinging to you all day long. You
finally find out that she doesn’t love you anymore, so you don’t have to

Through these points, in fact, I really want to tell everyone that once a
hen to give
up on a relationship
, she will force herself to stop if she loves you again. It is not that
she is afraid, but that she feels that her contribution is not worthwhile, and
that you are no longer worth it.
She entrusted it.
So cherish your beautiful love!

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