4 moments when a man gives up on a relationship

Fingers touch when he gives up on a relationship

Love is something if you give it away. In love, it is not only girls who are always
hurt, but boys too. How much one cares about another can be felt in many
details. If the other party always disappoints you again and again, it means
that you are not that important in her heart. In love, what are the most
disappointing moments for boys? Today I will summarize
4 moments when
a man gives up on a relationship.

1.     When to give up on a relationship: Girls never take care of boys’ feelings

No matter how independent and confident a person is, he
needs emotional companionship. Especially during love, we all need to get more
emotional support from each other. Women are more perceptual and will express
their needs through coquettish and other means, so that boys can pay attention
to their own feelings and take care of their emotions. Although men are more
rational and not good at expressing themselves, it does not mean that men’s
feelings can be ignored. Getting along between people must be based on respect.
The establishment of an intimate relationship between two people requires not
only mutual respect, but also mutual care. Don’t take care of the people you
feel, let alone
being lovers, even being friends. Such a person will only hurt you. For
such a person, you must stay as far away as possible.

2. when to give up on a relationship: Girls do not understand the difficulties of

 It is said that
there is no easy word in the adult world. As we grow older, the
responsibilities on our shoulders have gradually increased. To fall in love is
to share both joy and sorrow. When two people are together, they want to be the
one who holds each other’s umbrellas when the storms of life appear. If that
person only cares about himself and cannot understand your difficulties, but
increases your stress and pain, then you are not as good as a person.

3. When to give up on a relationship: Girls are too unreasonable

It’s not annoying for girls to act like a baby in
moderation, occasionally play sex, and express their needs to their boyfriends.
But on the contrary, being too hypocritical and naive will gradually disappoint
and even disgust the man, and eventually escaping from this period will only
consume his feelings.

4. When to give up on a relationship: Girls don’t care about boys

Everyone hopes that they can be
taken care of and loved,
and boys are no exception. The girl hopes that her
boyfriend can remember his eating preferences, the temperature of the air
conditioner, the type of music listening, the preference for watching movies,
etc. In short, I hope he can pay attention to and remember the little things
about himself. But in the hearts of men, they also have this need.


In the relationship, only knowing how to ask for people
who don’t know how to give, after all, can’t keep the true heart.
When to give up on a relationship for
a man
often a lot of disappointment in the relationship. I think that
brings more hope
than disappointment. We should all gain strength and
happiness in love, instead of spending strength and happiness to fall in love.

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