should you contact your ex? 3 Tips for you

Sometimes it is like this in love. When I thought we would go through our
life holding hands and plan the future happily, you wore the most common
clothes, opened the door of the house, and never came back. The worst rain in
my life is your never looking back in the scorching sun
after breakup. Sometimes people may think, should I contact my ex who dumped me? Should
you contact your ex?
Should I keep the contact of my ex after breaking up?
The real letting go is when you mention this person, there are no more
waves in your heart, and it has nothing to do with deleting the contact. But
deleting the
contact after breaking up and never contacting them
is the best way to cut the mess quickly. There are 3 tips for you when no contact break up.

 1. Deleting the contact of your ex after
breaking up is the best way to forget

Because you don’t have to follow her
every day. If he has a good life, you will lose; if he has a bad life, you will
feel distressed. Are you tired like this? So there is really no need to waste
any time and thoughts for a person who has already left. When you like someone,
you will find that if you take another look, you still want to own it. You just
have to hold back after breaking up, the best but only you for the rest of your
life, the worst but the rest of your life are just memories, so why should you
take it seriously. It is better to yearn than to miss it, and to let it go far
away instead of yearning. Sometimes love, passing, is the best result.

 2. Deleting
the contact of the ex after breaking up is the best way to avoid contact

The dentist said that removing a
loved one from your own world is like pulling a tooth out. You will feel pain,
but you will also feel relieved. But your tongue will always involuntarily lick
into that empty tooth hole countless times. If it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t mean
that you have completely ignored the vacancy left. You are always thinking
about perhaps unusual concerns. It takes time to adapt. But the tooth always
has to be pulled out, because after a long time, you still have to learn to let
go. Even if you delete a friend you will still look at the other party’s
information, but the cold black line “not a friend” always reminds that
all of this is over, and likes and dislikes are not so important.

3. Deleting the contact of your ex after a breakup is the
best way to avoid looking back

There is a saying: It’s nice that
you are gone, otherwise you are always worried that you are leaving. Similarly,
I want to send you a sentence, it’s nice to delete you, otherwise I always want
to contact you. No one is right or wrong in love. If you love, cherish it. If
you don’t love it, just let it go.
away the things you don’t like,
sleep when you’re unhappy, delete the
pictures you’re tired of watching, confess when you meet someone you like, and
eat your favorite food when you’re hungry. Can you feel free and easy? Like
men, it’s cool. The long hair that has been left for ten years can be cut in
five minutes. After ten years of knowledge, you can forget it once you
graduate. Then the people who loved to die and live and sleep through the night
may no longer be moved after waking up.

There will always be some people in
life, from being unfamiliar to familiar, from being familiar to unfamiliar,
from seeing each other late to not seeing each other. We insist on not talking
to each other, one turn around, two worlds, the missed ones will eventually be
missed, maybe
no contact break up is the best way.

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