4 signs he doesn t love you

she is smoking for him doesnot love her

Fromm said: “Loving someone is
not just an emotion, but a decision, a judgment and a promise.”If he just says
love you in his mouth, he can act with the word love. A difference of tens of
thousands of miles, unwilling to promise you, and did not bring you any sense
of security, it proves that
does not love you at all.

The sense of security comes
from being favored, whether
a person loves you or not, he actually knows in his heart. There are many reasons not to love in
the world, and there is always only one expression of love, that is, he wants
to be with you, and that person can only be you. If you start to doubt his
sincerity, if you can’t get a response to his tens of millions of questions.
There are
4 signs he’s not attracted to you anymore.

1. In addition to going to bed, he doesn’t want to
have an intimate touch with you

More than one friend who has
been in love for many times told me that the first thing a man
does not love
is that he no longer wants to kiss you. When
you take the initiative to kiss him, he will try to avoid it, or find many
reasons to excuse himself: “I have a cold, so I don’t infect you”,
“I smoked a cigarette and there is a peculiar smell in my mouth.”
This are signs he doesn’t t love you enough.

In addition, even the hugs
became perfunctory and without warmth at all. I used to try my best to hug you
tightly every time I hug, and I want to be one with you, but today’s hugs are
limited to a ceremony; I no longer take the initiative to hold your hand when
shopping. After going to bed, I no longer hold you to sleep like before, but
fell asleep with my back facing you for three or two seconds, as if your
existence is just a little air around you, no more, no less. Undetected. Some
people say that a man is an animal in the lower part of the body, always trying
to get a woman’s advantage. In fact, it is not. Men and women are the same.
Once he doesn’t like each other’s words, he will appear abrupt and strange even
when he touches them.


2. He will not introduce you to
relatives or friends

Love is always possessive and
jealous. If you hold my hand at the beginning, I don’t want you to look at
other girls again. I want to be the only protagonist in your life, and I want
to tell the world that you are the only one in mine. protagonist. If he never
introduces you to his friends, he will not bring you to his party, let alone
introduce you to his family. There are no exceptions.
doesn’t love you that much at
l. Perhaps in
the eyes of his friends, he has changed many girlfriends long ago.

Comparing your heart, if you
really love someone, in fact, the first time you want to announce his existence
to the whole world. Show off your love, wishing to be tired of being together
all day, wishing to share the joy of this love with the people around you,
other opposite sexes are just passing visitors in your eyes. If you can’t do
this, then there is only one reason, that is,
you don’t love
her that much.

3. Don’t talk about marriage,
just get along

Although the saying, “All
love that is not for the purpose of marriage is a hooligan” is already out
of date. But
he really loves you
he will
definitely plan the future of the two people and set the goal for it and struggle.
Who wouldn’t want to lead a beloved person into the palace of marriage, in front
of the traditional etiquette and the closest relatives and friends, proud to
say those promises about a lifetime.


4. If he is not interested in your business, that he
doesn’t love you enough.

If he doesn’t care about
everything about you, he won’t pay attention no matter how late you go home,
and he won’t be indifferent no matter who you stay with. If he just replies
indifferently when you are sad, or just rants “Drink more hot water”
when you are sick, then it can be seen that he doesn’t like you that much

If you are always concerned
about gains and losses, always full of suspicion and anxiety for him, and
always fail to see the hope of the two people in the future, then don’t make
excuses for him,
he just doesn’t love
you very much
, he vents his loneliness on you.
But you naively think that it is love. So you must remember, don’t look for a
boyfriend in the trash. Falling in love with someone
who doesn’t
love you that much
will only consume
your confidence. If you really want to step into love, find someone who knows
how to love you and is willing to spoil you, so that you can feel the other
half of the overflowing sense of security.

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