3 tips of how to tell if a boy likes you quiz

she can not tell if he love her

I especially appreciate this sentence: “Love is a short-term joy;
marriage is a lifetime of staying together.” For a woman, the person who
can stay with her for a lifetime is the most worthy of trust. So how does a
to tell if a boy likes you quiz? In “Sex and the
City”, there is such a line: “How we behave in bed indicates how we
live.” It can be seen that bedding depends on character.
do you know if he loves you
is worth entrusting can be seen from having sex.

1.     When a boy likes you quiz, after sex, he will treat you tenderly in bed

In the past, as long as you got married and took an oath, you would have
sex for a lifetime. And now, even if he chooses to have sex with you, he may
not have sex with you for a lifetime. A man
s love, in addition to the sweet words, is also
hidden in the warmth of sharing with you before going to bed, helping you cover
the quilt in your sleep, and comforting you softly by having nightmares. All of
this has nothing to do with passion, and it has nothing to do with lust. It’s a
long confession of one party to the other.

Some people say that before and after the relationship, he always dotes on
me as always; in that special environment, see if he can still treat you with
basic respect; he can speak softly before lingering, and be tender after
passion. , Embracing and telling love. In fact, the most true feelings in this
world are nothing more than: having you when you sleep, you are there when you
wake up; after the passion, the tenderness remains.

2. When a boy likes you quiz, he will stay by your side when you give birth

In the documentary “Shengmen”, there is a scene: Xia Jinju, a
33-year-old parturient, was found to have a dangerous placenta previa before
giving birth, and the risk of surgery was relatively high. Before the
operation, her father and mother-in-law came, but her husband did not. During
the birth, she had three uterine incisions, four major transfusions, and two
cardiac arrests. During the crisis, the family called her husband’s phone, and
the other party only replied coldly: “Business needs to be taken care
of” and “Can’t leave.”

In many cases, the most painful thing for women is not physically, but the
indifference of men when they are in danger.
are married to a man
or a dog, and it is clear at the birth bed.

3.When a boy likes you quiz, he will accompany you to take care of you when you
are sick

In fact, whether a man is worthy of love does not lie in how sonorous his
vows were at the wedding and how big the diamond ring he gave you. Rather, when
you face life, old age, sickness, death, and unexpected ups and downs, does he
stick with you or choose to escape?

There used to be a news story: in the ICU ward of a hospital in Nanchang,
Jiangxi. A man forcibly broke in and rushed to the bed of a critically ill
patient, trying to unplug the oxygen tube. And lying on the bed is the man’s

It turned out that his wife was unable to breathe spontaneously because of
acute heart failure. The reason why a man pulls out the oxygen tube is because
he feels that his wife’s illness is of no therapeutic value. How desolate is
this wife when she witnesses the person next to her pillow and destroys her own
hope of life? It is said that in front of the hospital bed is the magic mirror
of marriage, which tests people’s hearts the most. A caring person will not
choose to avoid sitting idly by when you are in pain.


The so-called good
is when you are in trouble, standing next to you, giving you warmth
and strength. In the emotional world, first-hand love is often there, and wind
and rain are the most rare. Yang Lan said: “In addition to love, the
relationship between husband and wife also has the loyalty, the tacit
understanding that will not give up, and the unforgettable kindness.”
Therefore, for a woman, the man who love you quiz is to sex with you. The
person who waits for you affectionately before the delivery bed, and never
abandons you before the bed.

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