3 things never do when dating a nice guy

she is confused about dating a nice guy

Two days ago, I read a book by
American writer Barbara Angelis called “Man’s Secrets Every Woman Should
Know”. There is a sentence in it that I am very impressed after reading
it: “Maybe you have forgotten how much you are next to the man you care
about.” Actually, think about it, indeed, in love, there seem to be many
things dating a nice guy. They will change
themselves in order to please each other, and finally lose themselves gradually
in the step by step compromise. You think that as long as the other person is
satisfied, the relationship can last for a long time. But
you should never sacrifice for a relationship, the greater the gap between the two, and eventually they will end in a
breakup. So what I want to share with you today is that no matter how good the
relationship between two people is, you should not do the following 3 things
for each other
while you were dating.

1. Don’t be humble in love when dating a
nice guy

When you fall in love with someone,
you can easily become humble, because you think that he is too dazzling and you
are worried that you are not worthy, so you put yourself in the lowest position
in such a relationship. You look up at him cautiously, you dare not make a
small temper, you dare not “do”, you are afraid to expose your
shortcomings. He didn’t dare to refuse his request and lowered his bottom line
for him time and time again. You think that as long as you work hard enough,
you can maintain this relationship. As everyone knows, this kind of unequal
love often ends up in the other party’s chaos and end.

Even if you love someone again, even
if you love him to the bones and to the dust, he will not be moved by you. If
you keep lowering yourself for him, and even lose yourself, he won’t cherish
you for it. Therefore, girls should remember that even if they love someone
again, they should not live too humble. You have to believe that good love must
be equal and evenly matched.

2. Don’t give up your dreams for
dating a nice guy

I once saw a post on Quora:
“Will you give up your dreams for the other half?” I was very
impressed by the following comment: “I used to be, but I won’t be anymore,
because it’s not worth it. You will know if you try it. He won’t be grateful
for it, but will sneer at what you have done.” In fact, I often receive
messages from many listeners in the background, saying that I have given up my
dream or even pursued it for the sake of my partner. A strange city is doing
work that he is not satisfied with, just to be able to be with him. Many such
stories usually end in regret. Because when you give up your dreams for him,
your heart is filled with regrets, and even you will carry resentments. You
need him to continue to compensate you with guilt, so as to fill up that
regret. Hole. However, the reality is often not as you wish. He will only take
your giving up as a matter of course, and will not be grateful to you for it,
and will not cherish you for it.

3. Don’t lose your social circle for
when dating a
nice guy

 You have to know that true love is freedom,
not bondage. Any love that requires you to sacrifice your life is deformed. Do
not love another person at the cost of freedom, because if one day he suddenly
does not love you, you will find that you have nothing. In fact, a good state
of love means being able to become a better self.

When we were young, we always felt
that love was more important than life. When we were older, we realized that
our life is more important. “Yes, life is short and the road ahead is
long. We can’t blindly love for the sake of love. You know, love is only a part
of life, and it is part of your stars and the sea.”

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