6 body parts for dirty sex talk

She is pretty with sexy body

Sex is the most wonderful thing in
human society. As a man, if
your girlfriend
never wants to have sex
, you should learn the sex skills of gentle and rude caressing, so that she
can’t help but sex with you. Then, if a man wants to improve sex of
sex talk,
he must start from the following 6 body parts.

1. Soft parts in sex

The soft part is where you can
innovate. You should gently kiss her knee fossa, inner arm, inner thigh or neck
fossa. Women like to let you touch, kiss, lick or blow into these parts. What a
sexy feeling to lick the inside of your arm with your tongue.

2. Buttocks

Many women also like men to pay
attention to this part. For this area, you can work harder without having to be
as careful as you are with the breast. You can knead or press. Stroking from
the back waist to the buttocks will achieve better results. Sexologists believe
that you need to be slow and deep before enjoying a happy sex. You have to
experience sex like tasting a piece of chocolate, not just to get the sugar
contained in it.

3. Lips

Women like to kiss. You can try to
change the intensity (softer at first, then warmer, and then gradually softer).
After kissing her lips, you can kiss her on the cheek, eyelids, forehead, nose,
neck and earlobes. If you don’t let your hands “wander around” in a
few minutes of kissing, and wait for her to send a ready signal, the effect
will be even better.

4. Scalp

Have you ever noticed that many
women love to play with their hair? They do this because it makes them feel
good, and it is likely that she also wants you to play with it. The scalp is
very sensitive to irritation, you can try to comb her hair. This action
surprises her and can also bring her a very emotional experience. You can also
put your fingers through her hair while kissing her, or simply rub her scalp
with your hands. You can also wash or dry her hair,
these are good ways to
enhance sex.

5. Breast

Breasts are a familiar sexy zone for
most men, so you are unlikely to ignore them. You are more likely to make the
mistake of touching them too much or too hard before she is ready. Excessive
stimulation may cause women to experience breast numbness or pain during a
certain period of the menstrual cycle. May wish to try the “less but
refined” approach: gently touch her breasts, then remove your hands,
leaving time for her to move. Remember, the entire breast is covered with nerve
endings, so you can achieve the purpose of erecting the nipple by stimulating the
parts other than the nipple.

6. the back waist

If you let her lie on the bed in sex (and massage her back waist area, it will definitely bring her unexpected
happiness. It is also rich in nerve endings, and it is a part of a lot of
pressure, which can make her feel very comfortable and Relax. Not only that, it
also helps sexual arousal. Because massage promotes blood circulation and
congestion in the pelvic area. At the beginning, use your fingertips for steady
and moderate pressure. If she likes it, you can increase some strength. Kiss
this area. It is also a good way.

Men and women in sex are not exactly
the same. Both men and women should try
6 body parts of dirty sex talk and to maintain a harmonious and good sex life.

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