14 sex positions women love

They are sexing and hugging

We usually do
everything we can to do whatever we want in the process of love; however, when
we are in love, we slow down and focus on our partner, feel the heat between
each other, enjoy the chemical reaction, and have romantic sex, rather than
careful Designing a date, lighting candles or bringing delicious food home can
build a closer relationship with your partner. The following 14 super romantic
women love will definitely bring you closer together!

1.Romantic sensual
sex positions: slow down and enjoy the classic 69

please ignore a
lot of unnecessary steps, classic 69 can also be very romantic; slow down,
slowly arouse each other’s passion and focus more on your partner. Adjust the
speed of your mouth 0.5 to 0.25 times slower than usual to ensure that no one
in this love is in a hurry! And never let the other party reach an orgasm until
it is unbearable.

2.Romantic sensual
sex position: Enjoy my body to the fullest

Let one of you
become the protagonist, and fully enjoy the night that is doubly cherished. Use
massage, mouth, hands, toys, etc. to serve your partner, and make sure that
there will be no return tonight! (If you have too much fun, you can masturbate
after feeding the other party, but you must do it after the protagonist tonight
is completely satisfied!) Remember to prepare candles, lubricants and one or
two toys, and send a photo Forecast the protagonist is about to feast. And if
you are lucky to be the protagonist of this love, please let yourself enjoy
each other’s love, and don’t think about changing roles, this is a good
opportunity to practice relaxation and enjoyment!

3. Romantic sensual
sex positions: Rock the sofa together.

 In an extremely intimate and passionate
, this is a very comfortable position. Let him sit on the edge of
the sofa, then sit face to face on his lap and put his legs on the cushion.
Swaying slowly and gently in the embrace, staring at him at the same time,
trust me, the chemical reaction between you will spread out like a love potion~

Romantic sensual sex positions: Enjoy a delicious meal and treat yourself as a
delicious candlelight dinner, then sit on the edge of the table, spread your
legs apart, and pour chocolate syrup on the inner thigh; then lie back so your
partner can lick all the way up, remember to Put some small things on your
sex position on top
let him draw circles with his tongue around him. After finishing this perfect
food tour, please switch places, so you can enjoy each other well!

5. Romantic sensual
sex positions: movie nights that are hard to bear

Turn off the
lights, lock the door, hide naked under a comfortable blanket, and watch a
movie together. During this period, inadvertently let your butt touch him until
you have to press pause. Let the other party wrap your legs around your hips
and gently slide in from the back. You don’t even need to leave the sofa. In
the process, remember to clamp your legs and rub your Yin D at the right time
to bring yourself a more passionate night.

6.Romantic sensual
sex positions: Tenderly restrain your partner’s hands on top of the head and
suppress each other, then place your legs in the middle of each other and
carefully slide back and forth, so that you can easily rub each other’s
sensitive parts. And shallow friction can make your partner’s excitement last
longer! Try to tell the other person how you feel during the interweaving
process, which can increase the romantic atmosphere and the
of sex!

7. Romantic sensual
sex positions: lingering spoon style and your partner face the same direction
and overlap, when he enters your body, push your hips down slightly, responding
to the other’s rhythm; then hold his hand And tell him how much you want to be caressed.

8. Romantic sensual
sex positions: gentle entanglement allows your partner to lie flat on your body
and put your hands on both sides of your shoulders. When each other’s legs are
entangled, push your hips up about two inches, and the other person is also light
Respond lightly downwards. At this time, leaving aside the regular thrusts, the
rhythm of swinging back and forth will definitely make you want to stop!

9. Romantic sensual
sex positions: Lie on the bed in a tightly folded back position, stretch your
legs and slightly open, relax your hands on your sides or stretch forward, let
your partner lie on you and support your body with your hands, and be at each
other Place your legs on the outside of you when you overlap. When he enters,
close your legs and cross your ankles. This position is more passionate than
the doggie and makes each other more physically and mentally.

10. Romantic sensual
sex positions: There is nothing more romantic about a train bento than jumping
into the arms of the other person. The classic train bento may be a little bit
difficult, but some tips can help you; at the beginning, stand on a chair and
let the other person It is easier to lift you up, and then the other party can
press your back against the wall, reducing the pressure and going deeper.


11. Romantic sensual
sex positions: Tie each other firmly with your legs and entangle your legs with
each other. If you want, you can also use one hand to caress yourself, and put
a few pillows on your hips to make the other party more than usual. Enter at a
high angle and move slowly in a figure eight shape inside. This will be the key
to getting more pleasure through the pubic bone!

12. Romantic sensual
sex positions: Beyond the classic 68 style. If you can no longer be satisfied
with the traditional 69, this beyond the classic 68 style position will
definitely let you enjoy each other. Lie on your partner with your head on
their knees, and then let your partner start oral
for you as usual.
This is absolutely bliss!

13. Romantic sensual
sex positions: feel the rhythm of each other face to face. If you are looking
for a romantic position, you can also take into account eye contact, you must
try the following position! First, you and your partner sit face-to-face,
spread your legs apart and clamp each other’s body, then support and lean back
with your hands, then enter the slow shaking rhythm, staring at each other
until lost in the romance and passion Of sex.

14.Romantic sensual
sex positions: Use a quilt to wrap each other tighter and lie in a comfortable
quilt with your partner, let the other person wrap your hands around your neck,
and you put one foot on the other person’s buttocks. And the other one hangs between
his feet, so you will be more closely entangled; use your legs to draw
other closer
and let him go deeper, or grab his butt to master love Rhythm.

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