9 notes of sex in relationships

He is kissing her for a sex

The topic of sex in relationships has always been both exciting and shy. With the improvement of human
culture and living standards, the impact of human sexual problems on personal
health will be far more profound and important than what people have previously
realized. Therefore,
9 notes of sex in relationships that men and women
should know.

1. The clitoris is more than just a small ball in sex love and

Most people think that the clitoris is a small pleasure zone tucked into
the vulva. In fact, the clitoris is equivalent to the male penis in genetics
and organization. The difference is that the concentration of nerve endings in
the head of the clitoris is 50 times that of the head of the penis. There is no
doubt that even a little too much pressure will quickly turn from happiness to

2. The average speed of semen ejaculation is 45 kilometers per hour in sex love and relationships;

The ejaculation speed of men is as high as 45 kilometers per hour, but the
swimming speed of sperm is only 2 to 3 mm per minute, so it takes about 5 to 10
minutes to swim to the uterus.

3. Pubic hair can increase your sexual pleasure in sex love and relationships;

Going naked may make you feel more sexy. But leaving some pubic hair has
an amazing benefit: happier during sex. The hair around the vagina helps to
increase our sexual sensitivity. If your partner gently strokes your pubic
hair, the curved hair will send a signal to the hair follicle, and the hair
follicle will transmit the information to your nervous system. Without this
bush, you might deceive yourself out of sexual desire.

4. Exercising before sex can make orgasms more likely in sex love and relationships;

Before you become sexy, there is a good reason to make you sweat.
Exercising, especially before sex, can make you more likely to be aroused
“sexual” and can also enhance the ability of many people to reach

5. Menstruation should be continuous for 6.5 years in sex love and relationships;

Suppose you bleed once a month for five days. Bleeding for 60 days every
year. If you have a menstrual period of 40 years, that is 2,400 days of
menstruation, which is about 6.5 years in your life.

6. It is safe to do yoga during your menstrual period in sex love and

Enthusiastic yoga enthusiasts may have heard yoga instructors recommend
not to stand upside down during menstruation. However, during the menstrual
period, we have no reason to avoid challenging poses. Menstruation is the
discharge of the endometrium. No matter what you do, the endometrium will not
grow less and less. So at that time of the month you can do handstands freely.

7. Orgasms may speed up your menstruation in sex love and relationships;

Although experts are not entirely sure why this is happening, they do have
some theories. One is the “cramp theory”, which believes that the
contractions of the uterus that lead to the discharge of menstrual blood also
trigger the contractions during orgasm. So, if you have sex before the start of
your menstrual period, the muscle cramps that occur during your orgasm may help
the release of menstrual blood.

8. Most women do not have true premenstrual syndrome in sex love and relationships;

We may call premenstrual mood swings and cravings for chocolate as
premenstrual syndrome, but true premenstrual syndrome is a disease that can
cause severe symptoms and affect women
s daily lives. They
happen almost every month, not occasionally. In addition, symptoms must start
and stop during the typical period of premenstrual syndrome: they must start
during the premenstrual period and stop when the period comes. Approximately
20% to 30% of women have mild or moderate symptoms of PMS.

9. Massage the groin to optimize sperm quality in sex love and relationships;

Because the groin is the “main way of communication” that
transports blood and nerves to the testicles, blood circulation in the groin is
very important to your boyfriend’s sperm quality. If you touch a man’s groin
from top to bottom with two fingers before going to bed every day, it can
enhance sperm activity! And
sex is so good for you.

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