2 skills of improving sexual rejection

she is in sexual rejection

most men
have sex with women, some men are feeling rejected sexually. For this reason, men will feel distressed. In
fact, men need to understand that part of the resistance of women stems from
the sense of security they want in their hearts and their fear of
sex for the first time.
Then, as a man, you need to awaken her need for sex
physically, and make her feel undisturbed and embarrassed about the pleasure of
sex emotionally in
sex love and relationships. What you need to do is help her resolve
this concern so that she can enjoy your affection. Here are
2 skills of improving sexual rejection.

1. Do something interesting together to
overcome her inner fear of
sex in relationships;

her sexual desire is fully awakened, you can choose to play games in your
private environment: pillow fights, popcorn fights, turn on the computer and
watch a funny video.

addition, if you like drinking, having a drink at home and chatting about your
home is also a good icebreaker game. It’s even better if you have a pet at
home, it can naturally help women integrate into your environment.

when you enter the room after you kiss, you shouldn’t take off her clothes
directly at the end. You should give her a few minutes to adjust to your
environment. You can show her the interesting furnishings and lights at home,
and then kiss her. You know, her inner
of sex
not necessarily her own reason, it may also be your anxiety that made her feel

2. If she strongly resists, it is better to
freeze moderately
in teenage sexuality and relationships;

here means that physical contact must be absolutely stopped. You can continue
to do other things, but you will not continue to touch her. At this time, there
must be too much language to explain, just to make her feel in contrast to your
previous flirting.

need to maintain an affectionate attitude towards her. Because you have to
understand that she doesn’t want to push you away, but the body is somewhat
resistant. Therefore, your response is not to reject her, but to show one
thing: You respect her and you are not so eager to
want sex.

you need enough time and mind to make her mentally prepared. If a woman is not
worried about
having sex with you, it is likely that you have not yet received her full trust, so you have
to make her feel that she is the only one in your heart. So, in response to
this situation, you can continue to watch TV, listen to music, or drink some
alcohol. Can you also take her to see your personal toys? These things can make
her know you better and more willing to be with you. A moderate freezing can
make her realize that her emotions are too resistant. Therefore, she will also
take the initiative to touch you, you just need to open your body to welcome
her over.

you start sex, it’s important to open your heart. As a
man, you have to learn to help women overcome her inner fears and physical
resistance. You have to learn to express appreciation for things other than her
beauty, or her character, or her taste, or her smile. You also need to say
some sweet quotes to dissolve her unnecessary defenses in order to get a
more comfortable and
sex experience, and improving sexual rejection.

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