Do guys ever come back after rejecting you? 2 Questions make it out

He comes back with hugging her

The rejection of your confession means that you have shown too much
availability in advance before you fully attract the other party, making the
other party underestimate the value of your relationship.
After he
rejected you rejecting love,
it was not certain
he could not come back. And you are confused do guys ever come back after
rejecting you
. But you have to invest more costs in order to restore the degraded image.

1.Why did he reject you
rejecting love?

Many people have heard that sentence: confession is a ritual when it comes
time to go, not when you start a charge.

This means that your confession is meaningful only if you get enough
feedback from the other party to confirm that it will not fail. Otherwise, your
confession will appear so abrupt to the other party; and it will not benefit
your emotional development, it is purely your own will.

Many young people attribute the failure of confession to the wrong way and changed his mind. In fact, the form
of confession is not important at all for the really intended opposite sex.

I read a story many years ago: a girl who was in love gave a boy a bouquet
of flowers and a box of valuable chocolates. The boy accepted the chocolate and
returned the flower. Even today, I can imagine how sad that girl should be,
which is even more cruel than “nothing”:

——This means that the other party likes the way of confession (chocolate
makes boys tempted), but does not like the person who confesses (girls

It is said that slaps are not slapped. For the girls in the story, this is
really naked slaps.

There may be two reasons for this “you are doing well, but you are
poor”: one is not enough attraction, the other is too much investment.

2.Do do guys ever come back
after rejecting you?

On the premise that morality is not involved, there are not so many
“rights” in love, and more depends on “worth”. According to
this idea, we might as well simply list the possible situations:

1): Because the other party has given up on “true
and can’t find a better condition,
they may choose to
come back to you. How awkward this love will make the other person’s heart. In order to
make up for the psychological gap, he will put all kinds of harsh requirements
on you, making you overwhelmed. What’s more, this kind of abnormal love affair
is unequal. Once he encounters something that “really impresses him”
or “the conditions are better”, it is difficult to guarantee that he
will not
change his mind. In other words, you tried your best, and the result was nothing more than
hanging up as a lover and enjoying the treatment of a spare tire.

2): Sudden changes in his life. His attraction to the opposite sex has
been greatly reduced, and his soul has been greatly hurt. Then he
comes back to
you after rejecting you.

In such a situation where all the people betray their relatives and all
their thoughts are lost, he may think of your good. Then, he will
come back for you and join hands ever since. Although this kind of romantic story is very
popular, it is not very maneuverable in reality.

First of all, there are many ways young people can help themselves, and
they don’t necessarily need you. If you really encounter difficulties that can
bring down your will, then I am afraid you can’t do it either. What’s more,
it’s unrealistic to repay the gift of knowledge. More likely, you rescued a
sparrow, and the sparrow flew back to the woods in a blink of an eye. Moreover,
the hope of “getting him” is pinned on “he is imminent” and
“no one wants it.” This mentality is somewhat gloomy.

3): He comes back because he wanted to
make up for the harm caused by the wrong way, and he succeeded in shaping his
attractiveness. This means that you need to correct the qualitatity that he has
given you a little bit. And you also need to overcome the ridicule and sarcasm
of the people around you without
rejecting you.

If you really have the time, energy, ability, confidence and luck, it is
enough for you to pursue a boy who has no prejudice against you and has better

In summary, after rejecting, you need to sum up your experience, stop the loss in time, and don’t
want him to look back. Although this is not necessarily the most correct
choice, it must be the most worthwhile choice. Then, you may wait the
guy who ever come back after rejecting you.

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