5 signs the no contact rule is working

He is confused about no contact rule is working

We seem to be contacting with many people every day, but contacting is not
easy. Only when the sender and receiver of the information have consistent,
accurate, and correct understanding of the information communicated can it be
called a successful contact. But when people communicate and communicate,
no contact rule works.

At the same time, when people fall into a trouble, they may consider how does the no contact rule work; sometimes just to clarify a trivial matter, you spend several hours of
time and energy; sometimes a very loving couple will hurt each other and kill
each other because of poor contact; sometimes
does the no contact rule work if you
were dumped.
Why do misunderstandings happen
every day? Sometimes you may not realize that it is the wrong way of contact
that hinders the relationship or work. There are
5 signs the no contact rule is working;

1. No contact rule work : Use your own guesses to replace the other’s real

Never say things like “I thought you thought so”, “I
thought you agreed”, “I thought you would definitely not want
to”. It is impossible for you to think and make decisions for others, even
if you feel that you understand them again.
That no contact rule does it work.

Whether it’s a conversation, a speech, or a text message or e-mail, as
long as you are delivering a message, you need to confirm whether the other
party has clearly known the information you are talking about, whether you need
to ask questions, or not Whether the opinion agrees or disagrees. Even if you
feel that you “heard the other party’s suggestion” “very
obviously”, you should ask the direct question again and seek an exact
answer. Only in this way will it be the smallest probability that both of you
may have regrets.

2. No contact rule work : When giving negative feedback, avoid direct
conversation and expression.

In the cultural environment, we are often educated to be
“gentle” and “mellow”; but in the process of working and
interacting with others, you need to express your opinions directly; especially
when you hold negative opinions, Don’t maintain false “peace” because
of fear of conflict. Then,
no contact rule is working.

To make matters worse, some people did not make a statement during the
discussion, but if something happened and led to a bad result, they would jump
out and speak out, thinking that who made the mistake should be condemned; and
People who are dissatisfied with a certain person will tell everyone. Actually,
no contact
rule works
. These contact methods
may bury fatal hidden dangers for the relationship between two people in the

3. No contact rule work : bring their
emotions into the discussion.

When contacting in work and life, we need to discuss the event itself,
rather than coerce ourselves and the other party with emotions. The more
important things you contact, the more you have to make sure that you respond
calmly, not emotionally. Don’t yell at colleagues or subordinates because of
the frustration in your life, and don’t respond quickly and perfunctorily
without reading emails carefully because you are in a bad mood. At any time,
your expressions and responses should be calm. This is an act of being
responsible to the other party and yourself.
Then you may ask how does the no contact rule work.

4. No contact rule work : The meeting
will artificially expand the scope of discussion.

When you are giving feedback, don’t turn this expression into a personal
attack on the other party, break away from the facts being discussed, and blame
the other party for personal character and behavioral issues. For example,
because you know that the other person has done some inappropriate behavior in
private life, you say “You are a bastard” or “You have a
character problem, so I disagree with you”. This is a very serious
cross-border behavior.

5. No contact rule work : excessively
invade the private sphere.

Whether it is work or life, when it comes to the private life and
information of others, you must pay close attention to boundaries. Some people
love to share their intimacy and past experiences, and they can tell the
stories of themselves and their predecessors to others without reservation, but
this does not mean that the other party is willing to have the same exposure.

In contact, many details are a manifestation of the lack of boundary
awareness. Sometimes, you think you are kind, but maybe just asking “Do
you have a boyfriend?” is already an offense to others. When the other
party shows you the photos on the phone, swiping your finger unconsciously to
flip through the other party’s album may also make the other party very

No one is always right, not to mention the opinions of others will give
you a great help. When the other party puts forward a negative opinion, always
remember not to rush to correct the other party, and don’t mistakenly think
that your purpose is to persuade the other party to accept your point of view.

Does the no contact rule work
if you were dumped?
When you find that
you are wrong, have the courage to admit it. Admitting mistakes is not showing
weakness, it does not mean that you are worse than others, on the contrary, it
is a mature performance. You should try to have effective contact instead of
ineffective and purposeless conversation.

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