Sex with crush-12 benefits for men

They are lting on the bed for sex

Sex can bring pleasure to both
parties and stimulate the body’s hormone secretion. At the same time, sex can
also be regarded as a kind of exercise. Of course, proper sex is definitely
useful for maintaining weight. But most women will have a lot of questions
husband wants sex all the time, is that normal? my husband wants sex everyday,
is it healthy? Can good sex make a man fall in love?”
In fact, in sex,
men are in sports For the active party, sex has
sexual compatibility. To put it simply, men’s yearning for sex is much stronger than that of
So what are
benefits for men to sex with crush? 12 benefits on the below
will give you the answer.

1. Prevent heart disease

Research from Queen’s University of
Ireland shows that having sex three times a week can halve the risk of heart
disease and stroke. Grim Jackson, a cardiologist at London Bridge Hospital,
also reminded that although sex-induced heart disease mortality is less than
1%. However, just like doing any exercise, people over 50, overweight, and
unhealthy people do face a certain risk of seizures during sex.

2. Improve male sperm quality

Dr. Ghosh said that if the frequency
of sex is increased appropriately, the sperm will be more “fresh”.
The reason is very simple. If the sperm is not ejaculated in the prostate for
three or four days, the quality will be compromised.

3. Is a natural tranquilizer

For men, an intense 5-10 second
orgasm is equivalent to taking 2-3 mg of Valium, which helps them fall asleep

4. Reduce the risk of prostate

Dr. Ghosh said that studies have
shown that abstinent people are more likely to develop prostate cancer, while a
study by the University of Nottingham in the UK found that people who can still
enjoy a regular life around the age of 50 have a lower risk of prostate cancer.

5. Prevent myopia

Dr. Alan Ghosh, a sexual health
expert at Liverpool Spire Hospital in the United Kingdom, found that sex can
fully relax the eye muscles and help prevent myopia.

6. Help quit smoking

Dr. Reggie Perside, a doctor at the
Royal Hospital of Bristol in the United Kingdom, said that if you want a man to
quit smoking, you can tell him that smoking will make the sponge tissue lose
“elasticity” and shorten the penis. A study of 7,000 Chinese men in
the American Journal of Epidemiology found that the higher the number of
cigarettes a day, the higher the risk of ED (erectile dysfunction).

7. Prevent ED

Dr. Perside said that if the penis
is old and lacks blood flow, some tissues will degenerate or die. Finnish
studies have also confirmed that men who have sex less than once a week are at
double the risk of ED.

8. Make
the brain younger

According to the Japanese medical
research, the sexual atrophy of “use advancement and abolishment
retreat” is also applicable to people who lack sex. Proper sex life helps
prevent brain aging and promote metabolism, and memory is also strong.

9. Improved bone marrow
hematopoietic function

Making men stronger, healthy, and
moderate sex life can increase the secretion of testosterone in men, make men
more developed, gain weight, improve bone marrow hematopoietic function, and
reduce the accumulation of body fat.

10. Maintain weight

Obese men will not be rejected by
others, and there are even some women who like fat men, but when you are doing
“bed exercise” with your partner. You put the weight of the whole
body on her, she is still interested in carrying on, so appropriate sex can
stimulate men’s desire to lose weight and help men maintain their weight.

11. Delays Alzheimer’s

According to a large number of
medical studies,
helps delay the aging and dementia of the brain, because sex is also a
metabolic process. Proper sex can delay the decline of brain memory.

12. Relieve stress

If you have a long day at work, or you
just feel a little overwhelmed, then sex will help you relax and reduce your
stress level. During sex, our body produces dopamine. Endorphins and oxytocin
together help us relieve stress, increase our natural happiness level and
increase desire. Both parties can release pleasant amine polyphenols during
sexual intercourse. This hormone has Help relieve anxiety.

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