3 tips of love blog in common relationship

They are walking on the street in love

In common relationship, we are all eager
to show the perfect side of ourselves to each other. Sometimes we would rather
wrong ourselves, but also to accommodate the lover
you were dating
. But no one is perfect in this world. Sometimes trying to play the perfect
self, it is easy to make yourself struggle and make others feel uncomfortable
while you were
In fact, in love, women have these three
“shortcomings”, but men love you more.
There are 3 tips of love blog in common relationship.

01 While
you were dating or in common relationship
, you should occasionally be lazy

In common relationship, many men feel that if they marry a wife, someone will do
the housework, and someone will be a free cook. As long as they give their wife
a monthly salary, they will be fulfilled. Some women are also trapped by their
reputation as “good wives and mothers,” and they take care of all the
housework on their own. For fear that if they let their husbands do something,
they will lose the reputation of “no living.” I am afraid that my
mother-in-law will make irresponsible remarks, I am worried that my neighbors
will give me pointers, and I will be so tired that my back is sore, and I want
to hear a word of comfort from my husband. You want to carry everything by
yourself, and swallow all the grievances yourself.

In the end, you
find that the closest people around you will pay for you for granted: it doesn’t
matter if you do more housework, you are so reasonable
while you were dating; it doesn’t
matter if you feel wronged. Anyway, you can always understand the difficulties
of others. There is an old saying: crying children have sugar to eat, but no
one hurts sensible women in

Occasionally learn to be lazy: when you cook, let him
help you; when you mop the floor, let him sweep the floor; when you are busy
cleaning the glass, let him change the cloth, don’t sit on the side like a
bystander. Occasionally, be lazy and take the initiative to seek help from your
husband or boyfriend, so that he feels that he is needed; let him do more
housework so that he can better appreciate your hard work.

 02 While you were
dating or in common relationship
, you should occasionally
be silly

Watched an
emotional show, a couple confronted each other on stage. The man said: “No
matter what, my wife wants to get in. I have a company dinner and called to ask
how many female colleagues I have; drinking tea with friends, she secretly went
to the teahouse to follow me, and even working overtime at night, she had to go
with me. My leader confirmed several times that I have no freedom of life at

The woman was
aggrieved and said: “I did this, not because I care about you.” When
a husband and wife get along, the deeper they love, the easier it is to care;
the more they care, the easier it is to argue.

In fact, if you
think about it carefully, you don’t need to try to please you if you can keep
it; if you can’t keep it, even if you take off the stars and the moon, he will
eventually leave.

No preference,
understanding of temperance, can last long. Talk and do things, don’t ask him
to accept it all, just click as far as you want; in normal life, you have your
secret and I have my privacy. If it doesn’t affect the feelings, it’s good to
be at peace with each other. Too broad can easily make people feel resentful.
If you talk too much, you will always get tired of listening.

When you learn to
be “dumb” occasionally in marriage, you will find that your heart is
much simpler. No longer restless for his sorrows and joys, and no longer lose
control of emotions because of a single incident. If you have a simple mood,
you will have the mind to manage your life; if your life is simple, you will
have time to enjoy your life. There are too many divisions and recombination in
a person’s life. If you learn to be silly, your marriage will be sweeter.

03 While you were dating or in common
, you should occasionally be silent

Quora sees this
question: What is your biggest change
before and after marriage?

A person said:
“Before getting married, I had a hot cell phone every day when I talked,
so I had to prepare two batteries for swapping. It’s fine now, I can’t even use
the minimum consumption of 3 $ a month.”

When they first
got together, the two people tasted a bit of love. And they worked hard to pay
back. But after being really together, they slowly become speechless in
common relationship. German writer
Nina wrote in “Love Yourself”: If you want to live a clear life or
want to be happy, you must love yourself.

Be silent occasionally,
don’t put all your feelings on your husband or boyfriend
while you were dating. Too much devotion
to love sometimes results in disgust and carelessness. There is no one in this
world who can’t live without leaving. Family is important, but it is not the
whole life of a woman. Husbands and children are important, but don’t sacrifice
yourself for them.

Reading a good
book in your free time will enrich your hobbies, which can pass the time and
please yourself; when you are busy, you can concentrate on improving yourself
and let yourself live a landscape. When you start to pay attention to yourself,
you find that your husband who was used to relying on you starts to care about
your every move. The lover who was always silent before starts to ask about
your life.

After all, love is
not looking for a perfect person, but learning to use a perfect vision to
appreciate an imperfect person. You can have shortcomings and weaknesses; when
you give up playing a perfect wife and allow yourself to have these “shortcomings”,
you will find that your marriage becomes easier and happier.
Hope these 3
tips of love blog in common relationship can give you a favor.

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