Is sex healthy everyday? No!

They are taking off clothes for sex

Sex is an
indispensable “conditioner” in married life. Regular sex not only
makes women and men energetic, but also maintains their health. Have two or
more sex everyday or overnight
clinical medicine,
multiple sex are extremely unhealthy.
In addition to causing greater
physical exertion on both men and women, it also has many effects on other
aspects of human health.

What is the harm to physical and mental health if sex everyday
being unhealthy?

1. A woman’s
private parts are in hematoma from beginning to end, which will cause pelvic
congestion and discomfort in lower body pressure.

2. Sexual
excitement will continue to cause, increasing the pressure on women to
manipulate the central nervous system and reproductive organs. If things go on
like this, male sexual function will decline, and female vitality will become
worse and worse.

3. Sexual life
is an energy-consuming task, and women who do not have regular exercises
sometimes cannot afford it. Several times a day, not to mention the energy
consumption, in addition, it will reduce the thinking logic, logical thinking
ability and memory ability, so that all people are not in all normal

4. Sexual demand
declines along with the increase in sex frequency. When the demand is too low,
it will endanger the feelings between men and women, and cause suspicion about
their own sexual ability.

is it harmful to physical and mental health if sex everyday?

is because:

1) Being in a
state of long-term excitement will cause physical and mental strain, resulting
in excessive consumption or lack of sleep, as well as decreased thinking
ability, memory, and reaction ability.

2) Due to the
continuous and repeated occurrence of sexual impulses, it will increase the
burden of controlling the nerve center and reproductive organs. Long-term
fatigue can also cause sexual failure, and sexual function can cause sexual
function decline and sexual dysfunction when the sexual function is

3) For men, having
multiple sex in
one day will prolong the time of ejaculation, laying down
hidden dangers for impotence, premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation,
retrograde ejaculation and other diseases. Not only that, the sperm density
will inevitably become thinner and thinner, which is not conducive to fertility

4) If the
reproductive organs are repeatedly congested for a long time, it will induce
complications. At the same time, it will cause backache, muscle numbness,
insufficient kidney and other problems, and you will feel abnormally tired the
next day.

can bring joy and happiness, but excessive consumption can cause potential
damage to you.
Therefore, sex will make you healthy
physically and mentally, but you should also learn to control the frequency of
sex and reduce the frequency to ensure quality. If
you sex everyday for several times, it will be unhealthy to you.

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