10 skills for sex on third date

They have sex on third date

is really something to look forward to and afraid of being hurt.
In fact, there is nothing to obey or not to do when sex,
but the two sides gradually make joint decisions through communication,
coordination, and experimentation. But when
sex on
the third date
, you should pay attention to sex etiquette in addition to enjoying the pleasure of sex. Because good sex etiquette is the premise of good sex,
so you should pay attention to
10 skills and etiquettes when sex on the third date

1. Take into account the other
person’s feelings
when you sex on third date

When making love, it is very
important to remember that the feeling of the other person must always be
considered. If one party is unwilling, you must not avoid or force sex. During
sex, some people like to “plant strawberries” or pinch the other
person to show intimacy, sometimes even rougher actions such as scratching and
biting; but you should remember that the other person may not like it, so
understand the other person’s preferences and feelings Very important.

2. Both parties have the will of sex when
you sex on third date

The traditional mode of making love
is that men actively demand and dominate the whole process. However, as the
trend of the times changes, when some women have needs, they gradually cease to
be ashamed to express themselves because of their roles. Experts suggest that
everyone may try to use behavioral or oral hints to let the man understand and
increase the interest! The most important thing about making love is that both
parties have the will. If the basic rights of the partner cannot be respected,
then other sexual etiquette is empty talk. What’s more, using forced or
half-pushing and half-pressing will not only reduce the quality of the entire
sex process, but the forced person will feel disgusted by it.

3. Emphasize the feeling of the
other person
when you sex on third date

The process of making love should be
for each other’s sake. Many women have had multiple sexual experiences, but
never had an orgasm. In fact, men and women should have an orgasm, not one
party is pleasing each other. Therefore, in the process of making love, you
might as well know how your partner feels by communicating and being aware of
the other’s reaction. A responsible attitude is a prerequisite for sex.
Therefore, before having sex, if you don’t want to be a parent, take

4. Cleanliness is very important when
you sex
on third date

The occurrence of sex is often
affected by the situation at the time and cannot be prepared in advance. At
this time, both men and women should pay special attention to hygiene. For
example, if they have just eaten food that will make the mouth smell bad, it is
not suitable for kissing, otherwise it may be unbearable for each other. If you
can, you might as well take a shower first. Because the smell can affect sexual
desire; of course, people with sexually transmitted diseases should inform the
other party in advance and use condoms to avoid transmitting sexually
transmitted diseases to the other party. When performing anal sex or oral sex,
pay attention to hygiene, otherwise it may cause a woman’s vagina to be

5. Keep secret when
you sex on third date

The sexual relationship with an
intimate partner is very private and confidential. Never publicize or criticize
your sexual partner in front of your friends, or even publicize the
characteristics of your sexual organs. This will not only disrespect each
other, but also damage your own personality.

6. Posture changes when
you sex on third date

If you really want to
try this special way of sex
, you should invite in advance. If the partner
cannot accept this type of sexual intercourse, then threats and blame are both
unfair and disrespectful. Might as well communicate with the other party, find
out the reason why the other party is unwilling, and eliminate it. Some people
refuse oral sex not because of rational thoughts, but because they feel that it
is not hygienic; in fact, this problem can be solved as long as they do
personal hygiene, because semen is harmless, it is only composed of water,
protein and inorganic substances. Of course, if you feel unpleasant or
uncomfortable during the process, you must stop immediately.

7. Respect your partner’s nudity when
you sex on third date

When making love, you are very
fragile and sensitive both physically and mentally, so we have an obligation to
maintain a high degree of sensitivity to this. Don’t abuse your partner for
seeking excitement, or even conduct behaviors that affect your health,
otherwise the partner will become your tool for venting.

8. Don’t compare when
you sex on third date

Whether the process of making love
is good or bad, never compare it with an ex-girlfriend (boy) friend or ex-wife
(husband). Even if a sexual partner makes a request for comparison, it must be
skillfully declined. After all, sex is the privacy between two people. If you
tell your current sexual partner that his sex skills are better than his
ex-partner, it will make him feel stressed. This will directly affect your next
sex experience.

9. Praise each other more when
you sex on third date

People like to be praised, for
example, saying “You are so beautiful”, “I am crazy for
you”… etc. Moderate praise during sex can make the other person more
confident and understand your needs and preferences.

10. Close contact afterwards when
you sex on third date

Many people have overlooked the
importance of the after play. If a woman does not have an orgasm during sex,
she can use auxiliary methods to achieve orgasm at this time, such as
stimulating the clitoris with hands. In addition, the ebb tide is relatively
slow for women. After the end, you might as well give each other a hug or say
“I love you”; even if a woman does not have an orgasm in the process,
she will feel very sweet and make her feel loved and respected.

Therefore, you need these dating rules and sex skills when you sex on third date. Because what does a third date
mean to you directly reflects on sex on third date.
It is a bonus item! After all, good sex skills can make
men more attractive. Of course, these will
sex on third date wonderful and unforgettable.

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