How to break the touch barrier with a guy? 2 skills you deserve

They are trying to touch each other

In love, the man and woman do not know how to break the deadlock of
physical contact. Boys will worry about their abrupt behavior, women will worry
that men will consider themselves frivolous. However,
breaking the touch barrier should be led by boys. However, how should boys break the touch barrier with his

How to break the touch barrier with a shy girl?

We all know that girls like elegant gentlemen, and an gentleman will take
care of girls’ feelings in countless details. When they cross the road with the
girl, they gently hug the girl’s waist for protection; when opening the car
door for the girl, they will reach out to help her; when the girl wears a short
skirt up the stairs, they consciously walk in front of her . In fact, if boys
want to
break the touch barrier, they should first start from the perspective of girls. Because girls
always surrender to the considerateness of men, just as men can’t stand the
physical provocation of girls.

1.     Breaking the touch barrier with a girl: touching the shoulder and other parts

When walking, girls’ shoulders and hair will also get some non-existent
things. At this point you can stop and pretend to accidentally remove it for
her. Because it will make the girl think you care more about maintaining her
beauty than herself. In addition, you can touch her arm intentionally or
unintentionally. Because such inadvertent touch will make this night of first
meeting extra sexy. But please pay attention to the strength of the impact, so
as not to knock the girl into flight.

There are several ways to do it:

When a car came from behind, she said to her: “The car is
coming.” So he relaxed upstairs and pulled her closer by her shoulder.

While swinging, he said: “Come on, I will help you push.” The hand naturally pushes his

When she came to the restaurant, she patted her on the shoulder and said,
“Just this one, how about it?” If she agreed, she gently supported
her shoulder and walked in.

When there is a sudden wind and cold or sudden rain, take off her coat
and put it on her, and then lighten her shoulders.

When sitting on the Ferris wheel or entering the haunted house in the
amusement park, hold her hand tightly or hold her shoulder upstairs.

2.     Breaking the touch barrier with your crush: hand

Hand touch is the first time holding hands. The first time you and the
girl hold hands is a milestone sign of the relationship progress. For a girl,
the hand is the first door leading to her heart.

The specific postures for holding hands are as follows: hold her four
fingers with the palm facing her palm, and your thumb can gently touch the
girl’s knuckles; but please pay attention to avoid crushing the girl’s finger
bones! ! !

Hooking her little finger with her little finger is an ambiguous gesture.
Generally speaking, you’d better not try this on your first date. Remember not
to grab the girl’s wrist, this is a potential threat, and it will leave
handprints on the girl’s white arm.

Of course, in addition, there are the following tips:

When crossing the road, he said: “Hurry up, the red light is about
to come on!” Then he walked across the road naturally holding her hand.

When getting off the boat or walking through the rough road, he naturally
stretched out his hand and said to her: “Come on, it’s dangerous here.
Please take my hand.”

When people are very crowded, they say to her: “Grab my hand, or you
will get separated.” If she squeezes, you can grab her hand; if she really
likes you in her heart, she will only be aggressive Struggle a few times, and
then obey. If she is really unwilling, she will break free “with
sternness”. Don’t force it. This is respect for her, not that you are

When she wants to get up, she naturally says to her: “Come on, I
will pull you up.”

Compared with her palm size, “Come on, let’s compare whose hand is
bigger, oh, your hand is so cute.”

These small methods can help you better break the touch barriers, and can also initially judge how girls feel about you. If the method is
effective and feasible, then you only need to continue to maintain and upgrade
the relationship. If you don’t succeed, don’t lose heart. You can try to find
other suitable girlfriends through the
BL app. After that, I
will continue to share some emotional knowledge with you.

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